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Control center ensures modern working environment

“We provide the latest technology and optimal service” – the RAITEC GmbH has remained true to this guiding principle also when choosing a partner for the equipment of its new Service Operation Center (SOC) in Linz. With technology and furniture from Jungmann Systemtechnik, the company is perfectly prepared for current and especially future requirements.

On the homepage of RAITEC GmbH it says: “As one of the largest data processing centers in Austria with the focus on banking services, competence, security and stability are our main priorities. Know-how and professionalism distinguish us”. So it is only natural to look for an equally experienced partner with the appropriate references for the cooperation: JST – Jungmann Systemtechnik.

"consistently positive feedback"

“During the reference visit in the Service Operation Center Graz we could convince ourselves of the performance spectrum and the abilities of the Jungmann team”, reports Peter Gabauer, Head of Departrment SOC. He continues: “We have received consistently positive feedback from our colleagues there. …that has ultimately strengthened our decision to go with JST.”

JST GRZ Linz desks are continuously height adjustable from sitting to standing height

JST Operator desks: Whether standing or sitting – the Stratos CommandDesks from the JST furniture program allow individual height adjustment, can therefore be adapted to the needs of each employee and thus help to relieve back strain.

Vote for modern technology and ergonomics

The result of the vote for the equipment from the hands of the JST control room specialists: a control station that meets all conceivable requirements both technically and ergonomically. Peter Gabauer: “We wanted a modern, forward-thinking work environment, and this is what we got.”

JST Ergonomics: Parabolically arranged screens provide the operator with an ergonomic viewing angle to the monitors at the workplace and, of course, to the 24/7 optimized LC displays of the large display wall.

A proactive large display wall provides TeamView

A new large display wall, for example, proactively informs the entire control center team about current events. No matter if it is about batch processing, system utilisation or building control technology – all operators in the SOC have all information and systems in view to the same extent. “A significant advantage over our old control center, which had no large display technology,” says Peter Gabauer.

JST GRZ Linz interface of the myGUI software for MultiConsoling

JST MultiConsoling®: The myGUI – displayed on the middle screen – serves as the user interface forMultiConsoling®. Advantage of this technology: Computer signals with keyboard, video, mouse, audio signals, cameras and even TVs are flexibly displayed in real time on the monitors at the workplace or on the large display walls. Only one mouse and one keyboard per workstation are required for operation.

Control center with a clearly representative character

The project manager also appreciates the representative character of the new premises. Thus, not only the large display wall equipped with six 55-inch displays immediately catches the eye. Guests and especially the employees also praise the ergonomic operator consoles from Jungmann, which stand out among other things due to their individual and electromotive height adjustment.

Better working atmosphere thanks to MultiConsoling®

“In addition, every visitor immediately notices how quiet it is here with us,” says Peter Gabauer. Because the JST MultiConsoling® made it possible to outsource all computers to a technical room. With clear advantages for the control center personnel: less heat, less noise pollution. “With JST we have chosen the perfect partner for our project,” concludes the Head of Department.

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