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MouseRadar – Increased visibility of your mouse cursor!

Do you want to bring your workplace displays and monitor walls to a new, more professional level? Use MouseRadar – another professional tool from JST! Highest usability guaranteed! With a timer that can be adjusted for individual use, your mouse will always remain visible, even when idle. No more annoying shaking and searching. The cursor becomes a clearly visible and moving icon.

  • Fast: Annoying “mouse shaking” and searching is no longer necessary
  • Secure: No more accidental clicks
  • Clear: The mouse cursor is immediately visible
  • Individual: Use your own graphics (e.g. company logo)

Learn more about MouseRadar software in our video:

  • https://youtu.be/YqcR24rp7fU

What clients report about their experience with JST

JST References - Starlim Sterner - Project Manager Hannes Jungmair

Fondly recalling the initial meetings with the Jungmann team: "After a visit to the Control Room Simulator in Buxtehude, we were really impressed"
Hannes Jungmair
Project Manager

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JST-windpunx: Project Manager Jannic Jenzevski and Managing Director Steffen Schroth

"Our reaction times have been reduced considerably, our working procedures are more structured, and we have been able to optimise resources."
windpunx Project Manager Yannic Jenzevski (right),
Here with the Managing Director of the company

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JST References - Authorised Digital Radio Centre of Lower Saxony - Christiana Berg

"The operational experience that we have been able to gather in the past few years has shown us that an additional digital radio storage room is necessary, especially for special operational situations such as high-risk football matches, flood events or even operational situations in connection with terrorism. Digital radio plays a special role in such operational situations, as it offers a range of possibilities that make it much easier for all of the emergency services to cope with the situation."
Christiana Berg
Chief Police Officer of the Central Police Department of Lower Saxony

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JST References - NWKG Wilhelmshaven - Project Manager Lars Janßen

"Starting with a workshop, from the planning phase right through to the installation and initial operation of the large display technology, the cooperation with Jungmann Systemtechnik was characterised by professionalism and expertise, especially in the areas of ergonomics and design."
Lars Janßen
Project Manager

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JST-Messe Berlin: Project managers express their satisfaction with their thumbs up

It is hard to express satisfaction more clearly. Employees give a "thumbs up" on the execution of the control room project.
Andreas Notzon / Michael Tovey / Raimund Hawemann / Holger Kranl / Thomas Krause (from left to right)
Project Manager / Team Leader / Control Room Employee / Control Room Employee / Control Room Employee

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JST Stadtwerke Giessen: Head of the integrated power supply control centre gives the new installation a thumbs up

"The entire collaboration we have had with JST can only be described as very professional – from perfect preparation to the end result."
Kai Timmermann
Head of the Power Supply Control Center

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