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With efficient measures to the ultra-modern facility control room

International Consumer Electronics Fair in Berlin. Thousands of visitors crowd through the exhibition halls. And very slowly and initially completely unnoticed, the air conditioning fails. A nightmare that no one in the buildings of Messe Berlin GmbH has to fear. Latest control technology allows for a preventive approach to such scenarios. In one of the most modern facility control rooms in Europe, the operator team relies on products from JST – Jungmann Systemtechnik®. A separate computer for each application, a colorful IT landscape that not only lacks any operating convenience, but also becomes a stress test for the employees due to loud fan noises. Messe Berlin GmbH has taken efficient countermeasures. With the support of the JST professionals, an ultra-modern and at the same time tailor-made control room was created, which is also up to future requirements.

JST - Messe Berlin - Virtual 360° Tour

Latest technology in the control room simulator

“Our original concept was to assign a fixed monitor to each application,” recalls Jörg Jäger, Head of the Infrastructure and Building Technology Department at Messe Berlin.
During a visit to JST’s control room simulator in Buxtehude, the delegation from the capital was quickly convinced: “There are significantly more flexible systems,” says Jäger.

JST - Messe Berlin: ergonomic sitting on the 24/7 control room chair from Recaro

JSTOperator desk: The infinitely variable electromotive height adjustment makes it possible – the special Stratos X11® CommandDesks can be individually adapted to the needs of every operator…

MultiConsoling® on the test bench

Under the wings of project manager Andreas Notzon, the Berliners tested the JST MultiConsoling® – a technology that makes it possible to display any source in real time on workplace monitors, on individual large screen displays or as BigPicture across several large screen displays.
Only one mouse and keyboard are needed per workstation to operate everything in real time.
This allows the operator to keep an eye on all relevant messages while minimizing the number of monitors.

JST - Messe Berlin: the technical equipment of the control room can also be accessed directly from the crisis room

JST crisis room: Via the JST MultiConsoling® the crisis room of the new Facility control room is directly connected to the main system.
All representations and alarms can be routed here to be processed.

In future, interventions only in the control cabinet

Jörg Jäger: “With MultiConsoling® we are also well prepared for the future.
If new systems are added, the changes will in future be made in the control cabinet.
No more intervention in the actual control room is necessary.”

Secure and proactive alarm management

The staff at the new facility control room on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds monitor all technical installations on the grounds around the clock.
These include around 100 lifts and 430 ventilation systems.
In order to be able to permanently monitor all these facilities, the work of the operators is supported by state-of-the-art proactive large-screen technology.
Thanks to the Alarm-Management-Systems PixelDetection® alarm management system, the right information gets to the right place at the right time.
Through acoustic and visual alarms the dispatcher team acts efficiently and can concentrate on the really important things.

JST - Messe Berlin: Large screen wall with eight LC displays

JST Large screen wall: The JST-DisplayWall with a total of 46“-Displays keeps the entire control room team informed of key events in real time.
This is ensured by a automatic source activation, the JST-PixelDetection-Software.
The 24/7 capable business displays are installed in a large screen cladding; this keeps noise and heat away from the operator stations.

Desired scenarios at the push of a button for all to see

Messe Berlin has also opted for the innovative ControlRoom automation system to ensure that incoming alarms are processed quickly and reliably.
The advantages of this technology are clear: A series of buttons, which are embedded directly in the work surface of the OperatorDesks, allows desired scenarios to be displayed on the monitor wall or alarms to be acknowledged at the touch of a button.
The so-called JST CommandPad® can be individually assigned – depending on the priority of the employees.

JST - Messe Berlin: the Command-Panel was integrated flush into the table tops

JST CommandBox: Recessed directly into the tabletop of the OperatorDesks – the JST CommandPad® for the JST CommandBox system.
At the push of a button, the buttons enable the desired scenarios to be displayed on the monitors at the workplace and on the large screen wall at lightning speed.

"All-in-one package" brings substantial improvements

For Jörg Jäger, one thing is certain: “We have achieved significant improvements, not only in terms of technology and room acoustics.
Workplace ergonomics are also taken into account, for example, with the height-adjustable tables“. Conclusion of the head of department: “With this all-in-one package from JST, we have succeeded in significantly reducing the psychological and physical stress of our employees”.

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