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Critical infrastructures


Target achieved with integrated control center

Electricity, gas, water, district heating and power generation – the range of tasks performed by the operators in the control center of Stadtwerke Gießen is extensive. The supply of around 150,000 inhabitants in the catchment area of the public utility company is controlled from there. It is particularly important that all “cogs fit together smoothly.” Dialogue among employees must take place without obstacles. To this end, the necessary technical and ergonomic conditions have now been created – with the support of the JST – Jungmann Systemtechnik® team.

The priorities were set very clearly from the beginning: A completely new integrated control center was to be created from the two separate power supply control center of Stadtwerke Gießen – with the aim of significantly improving communication between employees. New, future-oriented structures were to be used for the new development. Ideally, the whole thing should of course be carried out within a reasonable financial framework.

The appropriate solution is called MultiConsoling®

Kai Timmermann, Head of the Power Supply Control Center, explains the underlying reasons: “Our aim was to establish a new integrated control center without having to rebuild the entire control systems. Perfect challenges for the control room professionals at JST. This is precisely where JST MultiConsoling® comes into play. Based on this special technology it was possible to integrate the existing signals into the new system.” Now we even have the option of adding a third system if needed,” explains Kai Timmermann.

JST-Stadtwerke Gießen: Ergonomic control desk with Recaro operator's chair

JST operator desk: Extremely stable Stratos X11® control room desks, specially designed for 24/7 shift operation, offer the operator fatigue-free working. Special emphasis is placed on ample legroom, smoothly adjustable height via electric motor and concealed cable routing with tidy installation of all the technical equipment. The AlarmLight behind the monitors can be set in any colour and can change colour on an event-driven basis in critical situations.

Applications can be switched on as required

Additional advantages of MultiConsoling®: An unmanageable number of different workplace monitors has been reduced, as have up to three mouse-keyboard units per workplace. Today, all desired applications are switched to the selected monitor or to the new large display screen as required.

Large display screen as multi-player

The monitor wall can perform several tasks at once. On the one hand, it serves the control room staff in monitoring and controlling the individual systems, as well as being a team player in joint troubleshooting and analysis. On the other hand, there is a direct view of the Videowall from an adjoining multi-functional room. In the event of a crisis, an emergency team can access the large display screen without disrupting operations in the actual control center. “The perfect solution,” according to Kai Timmermann.

JST-Stadtwerke Gießen: Large display screen integrated in sound-absorbing wall coverings

JST DisplayWall®: Perfect in design and workmanship – the DisplayWall®. Design strips with high-quality aluminium brushed surfaces and the AlarmLight give the monitor wall a special look. The 46 inch LCD displays were perfectly fitted into the sound-absorbing covering of the large display screen.

With PixelDetection® no alarm is ever missed.

The project manager also highlights the advantages of the JST PixelDetection® alerting software. This makes it possible for the control room staff to carry out their tasks without having to keep a constant eye on all of the systems. PixelDetection® takes care of that. In the event of an incident, the software draws the operators’ attention to any irregularities so that the Gießen team can react before the affected residents even feel the effects of a disruption.

JST-Stadtwerke Gießen: Filing cabinets with sound-absorbing fronts

JST large display wall covering: In the integrated control center of Stadtwerke Gießen, the cladding of the large display screen not only reduces the noise level in the control room, but also offers additional storage space thanks to its multifunctional design with hinged doors.

Praise for professional collaboration

For Kai Timmermann there is another important aspect that the new integrated control center brought into focus: ergonomics. In this respect, Jungmann Systemtechnik GmbH scored points with its special Operator Desks from the Stratos line. “The height adjustment was particularly important for us,” says Timmermann, who emphasises: “The entire collaboration we have had with JST can only be described as very professional – from perfect preparation to the end result.”

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