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Cross-sector solutions for individual requirements

Are you planning a new control station? Your current control center is to be changed? JST is at your side with holistic control room solutions and future-oriented upgrades.

We think of everything and always offer you holistic solutions:


We offer our customers unique products and solutions for control rooms. An exclusive benefit that only JST can provide.

years of experience

We have been in the business for over 25 years. We are happy to bring our many years of know-how to your project.

conrol rooms

For you, this means: You benefit from smooth processes and a lot of experience. Because JST keeps everything in mind!


Our experts are among the best. They have been designing control rooms for years. Our team enjoys working together – for you!


The widest range of products and services on the German market with in-house hardware and software development

The future requires scalable and holistic control room concepts – efficient and safe with ergonomic furniture and customized tools!

JST TacticTable® - Digital situation table

JST TacticTable®: Digital situation table paves the way to the control room future

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JST MultiStreaming® - KVM technology via IP

JST MultiStreaming®: KVM technology via IP streaming – flexible, secure, economical!

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JST Display Wall for control room

JST DisplayWall: Real-time operation and convincing team player in the control center

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Control room console Stratos X11® from JST

Control room console Stratos X11®: the 24/7 ergonomics bestseller – made in Germany

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Acoustic ceiling sail Opal X11® from JST

Acoustic ceiling sail Opal X11® optimizes sound levels and control room lighting

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PixelDetection control room software from JST

PixelDetection®: proactive monitoring software with event-controlled source switching

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JST-Geschäftsführer Stephan Wiese und Wissenschaftsjournalist Ranga Yogeshwar

Innovative spirit in the spotlight: JST is the “pacemaker in the control room”

JST Managing Director Stephan Wiese and science journalist Ranga Yogeshwar posed in Weimar at the “TOP 100 Innovator” award ceremony. Our team received this award for the second time and was praised as a “pacemaker in the control room” and innovation leader. We are continuing to work on strengthening our innovative spirit.

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JST STRATOS Control Room Console

Control room consoles: Discover the trio of the Stratos X model series!

A masterpiece from German furniture makers: the Stratos X11® control room console, renowned for efficiency, safety and comfort in control rooms. Our bestseller now has two “little siblings”: Stratos X3 and X9. Choose the version that best suits your requirements and budget. See for yourself and compare the specifications of console models.

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JST CommandPad®

Control all systems in the operation center at the touch of a finger

Maximum safety and control! With the JST CommandPad®, operators have lightning-fast access to the JST MultiStreaming® and MultiConsoling® control systems. The 3D graphics of the myGUI® enable effortless monitoring. Presets allow access to all sources at the touch of a finger. New tools like the air quality sensor can be controlled intuitively.

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Are you interested in more information about JST’s solutions for your new control room?

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Visiting the control room simulator is free of charge.
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The large practical book of the control rooms

I would like to receive JST´s “The Great Practice Book of Control Rooms”!


The Practice Book is free of charge for JST customers.

We accompany you through all phases of your project

Permanent exchange, individual project support – together with you, we go every step of the way to the completion of your construction proposal. A project workshop, on-site meetings and coordination with your departments during the realization phases are just as important to us as a reliable cost estimate with no negative surprises.

Free and non-binding consultation

Are you planning changes in your control room? We offer the complete package of technical and ergonomic options. Take advantage of our individual consulting offers. Or visit us directly in Europe’s most modern control room simulator!

Workshop in our room of the future: In the control room simulator you get an overview of the technical possibilities. Best of it: All components can be tested directly.

JST Control Room Meeting
Planning and photorealistic room visualization

We provide specific solutions for your requirements with architect appropriate room planning and free potential analyses. You want to experience your new control room live before realization? Video simulations and 3D representations make it possible.

Experience your new control room interactively: zoom, rotate, change perspective or wander through different rooms – here at BASF in Schwarzheide.

Project support and installation

Our highly qualified team of employees takes you by the hand. We have an open ear for your individual wishes and their detailed implementation is our top priority. Benefit from the experience of the control room specialists.

See for yourself what is possible! Look how a 70s monitoring center is transformed into a modern control room. See more examples on our before and after page.

Control Room before renovation Control Room after renovation
Operation and service of your control room

“Keep the systems running” – we are there for you even after installation is complete. You choose how much assistance you want us to provide – from basic service to complete support for your system. Know-how transfer for the long-term operation of your control room technology.

Interactive control room tour: Take a look around! Use the mouse cursor to wander through the virtual 360° control room worlds!

Control Room 360° virtual tour

Experience more at a planning workshop in the control room simulator

Having visions of the future is good. Experiencing is better! Visit the control room simulator, unique in Europe, where state-of-the-art technology and the latest ergonomic know-how are combined. The control room of the future. The special feature: Here you can touch everything and try it out for yourself.

Whether virtual or live on site – the workshop in the control room simulator is free of charge.
We kindly ask for prior registration.

The fundamental elements of the control room

Control technology, visualization, ergonomics – the three cornerstones of control room equipment. Perfect when these essential components are planned and installed from a single source – in a holistic concept that captures and covers all individual needs. Do you want to be inspired and benefit from this special added value? Then discover the control room solutions of JST – Jungmann Systemtechnik® right here.


Control of workstations, video wall system and infrastructure

Highly available and in real time! With the control systems JST MultiStreaming® and MultiConsoling® you switch your sources reliably and flexibly to workstation monitors, proactive video walls and to crisis rooms. The result: displays are reduced, the overview is improved and the fault clearance time is shortened.

An intuitive user interface in the 3D layout of your control room ensures a high level of operating comfort and safe handling even in stressful situations: the myGUI®. Systems of existing infrastructure can be easily integrated via extensive interfaces.

More about myGUI®
Control Room Operator

Video: How effortless control room management works with JST’s myGUI®

Control Room Operator

Video: How effortless control room management works with JST’s myGUI®


JST video walls are intelligent!

A video wall that automatically signals deviations to the operator? With alarm detection via our award-winning PixelDetection® software, the large-screen wall becomes a partner in the control center. Proactive messages at the right time in the right place relieve employees and significantly shorten response times.

With active real-time operation, JST DisplayWalls become an indispensable team player in your control room.

More about DisplayWalls

Control room design and ergonomics are among our core competencies

“To the workstations, ready, go!” Concerning ergonomics, stability and the integration of technical elements, high requirements apply to control room workplaces. This has been confirmed by an independent study conducted by the German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. JST´s Stratos X11® Consoles set new standards here, making them the absolute No. 1 in the sector.

More about the Stratos X11® console
Control room console Starts X11 from JST
MyLogin sensor
MyLogin access card for control room console STRATOS X11
MyLogin sensor for control room console STRATOS X11
Air quality sensor on the control room desk
Icon - control room air quality
Icon - Control room temperature control
Icon - Air vitality in the control room
Icon - Humidity in the control room
Control Room Remote Access - Possibility 1 Control Room Remote Access - Possibility 2

Remote connections secure and stable

Cross-site connectivity is one of the key benefits of control room operation with JST components. In the discipline of “Remote Access”, JST MultiStreaming® delivers impressive results.

Whether conference or crisis room, whether in the immediate vicinity or on the other side of the globe – access to worldwide target locations can be established at rapid speed in great transmission quality.

The remote options provide secure access to the control center systems both from the home office and on the road.

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Smart technology as a source of team-based solutions in the control room

New perspectives for communication in the control room. The JST TacticTable® combines innovative methods for crisis management and information exchange with flexible solutions for the safe control of the entire control room infrastructure. An interactive situation table which, with its multi-touch screen, is not only state of the art in terms of operating options, but also creates the basis for constructive, team-based decision-making.

More about the JST TacticTable®
JST Team on TacticTable

Watch in video: Performance and flexibility – experience the interactive TacticTable ®

JST Team on TacticTable

Watch in video: Performance and flexibility – experience the interactive TacticTable ®

You have questions about the control room components of JST?
We will be happy to assist you!

JST product highlights open up new horizons

The future starts today! Experience the dawn of a new era of innovative control rooms. Let yourself be inspired in the JST control room simulator by technological and ergonomic highlights with which we are creating a changed working world in the control room – more flexible, with an improved overview and more efficient, in order to fulfill the increased requirements in the age of digitalization.

JST Video Thumbnail - Ganzheitliche Kontrollraum-Lösungen

What clients say about their experience with JST – Jungmann Systemtechnik®

INEOS OXIDE - Waldemar Seibel (Betriebsingenieur, links) mit seinen Kollegen aus der Technik Stefan Johannsen und Christoph Mock (von links)
“Colleagues are enthusiastic by the progress we’ve made here.”
Waldemar Seibel (right) with his colleagues Stefan Johannsen und Christoph Mock (from left)
Plant engineer // Colleagues from engineering
Volkswagen Sachsen Zwickau - Michael Beier und Rico Trautmann
„We have achieved significant improvements in terms of work quality – this is also confirmed by the feedback from colleagues.“
Rico Trautmann (left) and Michael Beier
Technical IT project manager // Subdivision manager material control center
NWKG - Lars Janßen und sein Team
“We have set up highly available technology here. That is of great importance to us.”
Lars Janßen (2nd from left) and his team
Project Manager // Team
Marvin Volbert (Leitung Technische Anlagen CÜ Charité)
“We now flexibly switch on the systems we want to see depending on the situation – with just one mouse and one keyboard. Three screens at the workstation and the large-screen technology provide a perfect overview.”
Marvin Volbert
Head of Technical Systems CÜ Charité
protec service GmbH - 
Mathias Lindscheid
“Great products, great service and at every point of our cooperation we met a very friendly team from JST.“
Mathias Lindscheid
Managing Director
JST Referenz BASF Schwarzheide - Vitali Goldnik und Oliver Bender
„High flexibility, reliable performance, no more annoying chair moving – that was already a great experience!“
Vitali Goldnik (left) // Oliver Bender
E&I Engineering BASF SE // Consultant JST

JST Das große Praxisbuch der Kontrollräume

Guidebooks, checklists, practical examples, solutions and technical articles for the installation of control rooms, control stations and control centers

The great practical book of control rooms is free of charge for JST customers and interested parties.