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Optimised efficiency and appearance in the monitoring center

They monitor almost 400 wind turbines throughout Germany, carry out analyses of all incoming parameters and are responsible for communication and coordination of internal and external employees – the team in the Operation Monitoring Center (O.M.C) of windpunx GmbH & Co. KG is responsible for a wide range of tasks. The work of the 1st level support is now supported by technology and furniture from JST – Jungmann Systemtechnik®.

Onshore wind farms with a total capacity of around 750 megawatts are supported by windpunx in all aspects of technical management.

“They’re doing a really good job"

What had previously been achieved in a decentralised structure, with centers all over Germany, those responsible wanted to centralise with the O.M.C. “Our goal was to optimise both plant operation and service for our customers,” summarises project manager Yannic Jenzevski. During an inspection in the control center of the market companion “Deutsche Windtechnik”, the windpunx delegation could convince themselves of the quality of Jungmann’s work. Their first conclusion: “They’re doing a really good job.”

JST-Notus: modern workplace at the Stratos operator desk

JST-Operator desk: With a clear number of monitors and taking into account all ergonomic aspects, the perfect workplace for control center staff: side view of the Stratos operator console.

JST technology and furniture were convincing

After a visit to the control room simulator,® – the control room simulator from Jungmann Systemtechnik, which is unique in Europe, the windpunx managers soon realised: “We need that too”. Future-oriented large-screen technology and representative ergonomic furniture quickly found approval. “That was more or less love at first sight,” says Yannic Jenzevski.

JST-Notus: Stratos CommandDesk with room for two employees

JST Operator desk: Offers sufficient space for two employees: the Stratos CommmandDesk shown here as model “Curve”.

Employees benefit from efficiency and a great appearance

Thanks to the high-quality and at the same time visually convincing JST control room furniture of the Stratos series, the new O.M.C is now also used as a showroom. “The entire facility is not only designed for efficiency. Our employees also benefit from the great visual appearance. And the customers are delighted”, says the project manager and comes to the conclusion: “An investment that has definitely paid off”.

JST-Notus: Display wall with individualised design strips

JST large display wall: The design strips with high-quality aluminium brushed surface and the AmbientLight give the large display wall the unmistakable JST look – here individualised for the Operation Monitoring Center on customer request.

Thanks to large-screen technology, teamwork is the main focus

The technical monitoring of the wind turbines is also optimised in every respect thanks to large-screen displays with ultra-narrow frames and the JST MultiConsoling®, a concept for controlling the workstations and the large-screen system. Yannic Jenzevski comments: “Whether troubleshooting or communication within the control center – we now have the possibility to move any application to any screen we want. Errors can be corrected jointly, and teamwork is clearly in the foreground thanks to the large-screen technology“. His balance after the first few months with the new JST technology: “Our response times have shortened considerably, the working method is more structured, and we have been able to optimise resources.

"Our wishes were perfectly implemented"

But not only the Jungmann products completely convinced the project manager. He also doesn’t hold back with praise for the JST team: “Our wishes were implemented perfectly, the team is cooperative, professional and responds quickly. Especially sales assistant Silke Maire and the team of consultants have taken excellent care of us. The wavelength was just right.”

Time Lapse Installation Monitoring Center windpunx

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