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Operations control center monitors rail network with modern control room solutions

JST reference EVB operating control centre: control centre workstations in front of the video wall

JST control room concept: Successful solution for the area of activity of the dispatcher in the operations control center of Eisenbahnen und Verkehrsbetriebe Elbe-Weser GmbH. The conversion created attractive workplaces in front of the large glass front. They offer employees not only the advantages of ergonomic furniture,, but also the latest large-screen technology and its convenient control via the MultiConsoling operating concept.®.

The old signal box from the 90s had its best years behind it. The operations control center, in which the place of the dispatcher is located, has been adapted step by step in the past to current requirements. The result: grown structures with a confusing number of individual applications, displayed on a multitude of monitors. Hard to be overseen by a single employee.

Independent research and external tips lead to JST

“What we needed were modern workplaces, real optimisation. We had a complete restructuring from a single source in mind,” explains Nicolai Breden, project engineer at evb. Initial research led the expert to JST. A participating contractor also referred to the expertise of the specialists from Jungmann Systemtechnik for the reconstruction of the operations center and thus for optimised control of the rail network.

"See what's possible today"

Nicolai Breden remembers the first contacts with JST consultant Dirk Lüders well: “The chemistry was right from the start. And when we visited the control room simulator and saw what is possible today, the decision was easy. That was the initial spark, so to speak.”

Operating concepts convince the employees

The project engineer and an evb delegation consisting of users and decision makers quickly came to the conclusion: More is not always better. “The opposite is true! The special advantages of a large screen are obvious. The fewer monitors in the workplace, the better. This means that colleagues can work with even greater concentration,” says Nicolai Breden. The operating technology via the so-called MultiConsoling® also quickly convinced the team monitoring the rail network in the operations control center: “The operators were able to immediately transfer the concepts to their working situation in their minds.

Get an overview of the overall situation at a glance

Today, the evb operations center in Bremervörde not only has ergonomic control center furniture, but also the equipment to display the entire rail network on a large display wall. The operator – or in this case the dispatcher – can see at a glance where the individual trains are currently located. In future, the AlarmLight will proactively draw his attention to any signal or switch faults. Nicolai Breden: “The employees have a much better overview and thanks to large-screen technology in combination with the possibilities of MultiConsoling® they can concentrate on the really important things”.

"Exactly what you wish for"

For the railway expert, one thing is certain: “Here the saying sought and found” is right. The smooth running of the project, the individual solutions and the cooperation – that is exactly what you want.

JST reference EVB operating control centre: control centre workstations in front of the video wall

JST reference EVB operating control centre: Exterior view of the new control centre

JST Reference EVB Operations Centre: Project Manager Nicolai Breden
"The particular advantages of a large screen are obvious. The fewer monitors at the workplace, the better. The more focused the colleagues can work".

Nicolai Breden

Project engineer of Eisenbahnen und Verkehrsbetriebe Elbe-Weser GmbH (evb)

Jungmann Systemtechnik Control Room Expert Dirk Lüders
JST consultant Dirk Lüders was in close cooperation with evb Project Engineer Nicolai Breden during the entire installation: "The way challenges that arose during the course of the project were handled was exemplary. Together, we developed ideas and approaches to solutions. One result of this intensive cooperation is the stand-alone large display screen, which offers additional storage space and serves as an eye-catcher for rail passengers".

Dirk Lüders

Jungmann Systemtechnik, Consultant

Planning /3D planning – Architecture, ergonomics and technology from one source

Surrounding furniture – custom-made solutions “Made in Germany

MouseHopping – to use the large display screen as a fully-fledged workplace extension