Planning control room and control center: Individual planning packages for your control room

Are you planning changes to your command center, control room, operation center or data center? Then the proven planning packages from JST offer you valuable support! Regardless of whether you want to plan your control center as an entire system or you need special support in individual areas. We are your competent partner with in-depth specialist knowledge!


360° visualizations: How to bring your control room to life right from the planning stage!

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Detailed planning: How to create a secure foundation for your control room plans

Would you like to get an idea of how JST can provide you with individual support for your project? Would you like to find out about the range of services behind the “all-round carefree package”? A workshop in our control room simulator is the ideal starting point. Here, the findings of the initial dialogs are used as the basis for detailed planning. This is followed by on-site discussions for coordination with your specialist departments. Two such visits are already included in the detailed planning; others can be conveniently booked in addition. We will keep you informed of interim statuses, preliminary room plans, circuit diagrams, etc. at any time via web meeting at no additional cost. Get an overview of the cornerstones of JST detailed planning here:

Climate, acoustics and room planning: That’s what counts!

We leave nothing to chance! Our detailed planning of your new control room takes functionality and ergonomics into account based on the existing floor plans. Room acoustics and air conditioning are just as much a part of our concept as efficient communication processes for your team. We support you in your decision-making process with powerful tools such as photorealistic high-end 3D visualizations and film trailers.

Operating concept for efficient control room management

We provide you with a tailor-made concept! You will learn how you can significantly optimize usability at the command center workstation. With a tried-and-tested operating system that is precisely adapted to the requirements of your company. The number of consoles and their use, shorter response times, scalability for future challenges – these are all important aspects that JST takes into account during project planning.

Large screen technology: What you should know about the videowall!

Presenting the right information to the right employee at the right time – that’s what our large screen systems are all about. Not just oversized images of your applications. Your team is proactively supported. Important sources are automatically activated in the event of an incident. No alarm goes unnoticed. We calculate the viewing angles and viewing distances for you based on room planning and current legal guidelines.

3D Planung von Kontrollräumen 3D Planung von Kontrollräumen
Lighting design – specially for shift operation in the control room

Balanced lighting design based on legal regulations is one of the key factors for workplace comfort and the health of control room employees. JST implements circadian lighting systems for 24/7 shift work, for example in combination with the OPAL X11® acoustic ceiling sail. We equip the room with event-controlled AlarmLight and set the perfect scene for ceiling systems and surrounding furniture with modern LED lighting technology.

3D Planung von Kontrollräumen 3D Planung von Kontrollräumen
Circuit diagram – plausible and clear from experts

Your project in detail: Our team of experts creates a clearly structured circuit diagram that leaves no questions unanswered. You receive a conclusive overview of all cable routes as well as the representation and positioning of the individual elements required for computer outsourcing, workstation wiring and large-screen control. The comprehensive circuit diagram is a comprehensible documentation with explanations of how the entire system works.

JST Planung - Schaltbild – plausibel und anschaulich
Rack and infrastructure planning – everything at a glance!

Your equipment room is the hub for all control room components. Appropriate precision is therefore essential when planning this sensitive area. We develop precise rack and infrastructure planning for all the elements intended in the project, which ultimately also serves to optimize cable routing. Among other things, we calculate how many 19″ racks are necessary and use this as the basis for determining the space required in the technical room.

3D Planung von Kontrollräumen
Ergonomics in the workplace – our know-how, your advantage!

Occupational health and safety for employees in control rooms – this is the subject of an informative study by the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. JST supported the scientists in the preparation of the study and is planning ergonomic control rooms on the basis of the results.

More about the BAuA study “Workstations with Visual Display Units in Control Rooms” – you can download the complete results of the study as a PDF here.

3D Planung von Kontrollräumen
Out of conviction: We provide the warranty

We offer a warranty for the functionality of the entire system and all interfaces. The prerequisite for this is exact compliance with the planning specifications that we provide you with.

No unexpected costs in the course of the project thanks to our Reliable Cost Estimate!

You will receive your “Reliable Cost Estimate” from us. What’s behind it? In order to support you in your project as efficiently as possible, we are always open about our prices. This prevents misunderstandings and you know directly what budget you should plan for.

You can calculate changes to the individual components yourself – if you wish, we will be happy to actively involve you in the budget calculation. The Reliable Cost Estimate is not a rough budget plan – it is a genuine, reliable cost estimate that you can really count on as the project progresses.

With our customized planning packages, we reliably solve frequently occurring complications in control rooms. Do you know these problems?

Heat exposure due to technical system elements
High noise level and inadequate acoustics
Control room operators are burdened by ergonomic deficits
A clear summary of the most important systems is missing
Technology and applications are not consistent
Outdated systems make work in control room difficult
Lack of overview due to far too many monitors at the workplace
Too many mice and keyboards cause confusion
Overcrowded room in case of an incident
Many systems because networks must stay separate
Insufficient IT security due to existing group account
Delayed response time caused by lack of virtualization
Incoming alarms are processed with delay
Avoidable input errors due to insufficient overview
Increasing number of additional tasks creates conflicts
Conversion work may disrupt ongoing processes

Improvement potential in figures for the control rooms planned by JST

The following applies to 100% of JST projects: workplace ergonomics and the subjective well-being of employees in the control room have been improved. This not only results in greater motivation throughout the team, but also in fewer complaints and sick notes.


An innovative control room meets with a positive response from customers: In 79% of the installations realized by JST, the external effect was significantly improved.


In 84% of the projects, the number of large-screen displays at the video wall and monitors at the workplace was reduced by using JST’s control room management systems.


87% of control centers from the service sector were able to use the control room as a successful sales tool. This has enabled them to increase both internal and external sales.


Fast troubleshooting, especially of critical alarms, is one of the main requirements in many projects. In 93% of JST installations, reaction times have been significantly reduced.

Potential analysis: We check how fit your control room is, free of charge and without obligation!

Are you interested in finding out the improvement potential of your control room and making full use of your resources and possibilities? JST offers you free advice and analysis for your command center, control room, operation center or monitoring room for data center.

Request your personal access code today! Please write to us now and check the box “Free potential analysis” in the contact form!

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3D Planung von Kontrollräumen

Control room concept: 360° in planning and realization

3D Planung von Kontrollräumen 3D Planung von Kontrollräumen
Modern control room for Heidelberg Materials in Ennigerloh
3D Planung von Kontrollräumen 3D Planung von Kontrollräumen
Modern control room for NWKG


Checklists and guidebooks

What points should you pay
attention to when planning a
new control center? How do
you achieve the greatest
possible acceptance for your
project “new control room”?

Checklists (PDF)


BAuA study: Legislation

VDU work in control rooms:
Use this know-how and the
resulting recommendations to
plan your control room according to the best technical
and ergonomic aspects.

BAuA study (PDF)


The Great Practice Book of Control Rooms

Guidebooks, checklists,
practical examples, solutions
and specialist articles on setting up operation center, control room, or monitoring room.

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Having visions of the future is good. Experiencing is better! Visit the control room simulator, unique in Europe, where state-of-the-art technology and the latest ergonomic know-how are combined. The control room of the future. The special feature: Here you can touch everything and try it out for yourself.

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What clients report about their experience with JST – Jungmann Systemtechnik®

„When comparing with other equipment suppliers, it was clearly seen, JST has great experience in terms of ergonomics and design.“
Vitali Goldnik
E&I Engineering BASF SE
„The feeling of working with professionals at JST runs like a thread through the entire project handling – from the needs assessment on the customer side to the actual implementation.”
Christoph Michael
Operations Manager GEW Network Control Center
VW Sachsen - Rico Trautmann (Technischer IT-Sachbearbeiter, links) und Michael Beier (Unterabteilungsleiter Materialleitstand)
„We have achieved significant improvements in terms of work quality – this is also confirmed by the feedback from colleagues.”
Rico Trautmann (left) // Michael Beier
technical IT specialist // subdivision manager material control center
Städtische Werke Magdeburg - Maik Steschulat
„These newly equipped premises also have something to do with appreciation of the employees. There’s a difference between using a windowless office in the basement and a room with daylight and high-quality furnishings.”
Maik Steschulat
Head of Dispatching / Network Management
Travenetz - Detlef Zuhl
„Technology, ergonomic furniture and large-screen displays – all from a single source. That was one of the convincing reasons why our decision fell on JST.“
Detlef Zuhl
Head of Network Control Center
Flughafen München - Florian Hilz
„Every one of our employees is thrilled. Visitors who enter the Operations Center are also impressed. When guests from the airport or Lufthansa come to us, they always say: This is going to be the new standard at Munich Airport.“
Florian Hilz
Operations Management Officer
Probat - Sebastian Kersten
„When we talk about state of the art today, it is essential to think about modern workplaces as well!“
Sebastian Kersten
Sales Manager IT and Automation
protec - Mathias Lindscheid
„Great products, great service and at every point of our cooperation we met a very friendly team from JST“
Mathias Lindscheid
Managing Director