Ergonomics bestseller in the control center: control room console for for use in 24/7 operation

A control station desk that convinces in professional circles: The masterpieces of the Stratos X11® series is used in hundreds of control centers. The control room console for the highest demands not only fulfills legal requirements, it also sets new standards in technology and ergonomics.


Convincing advantages of the Stratos X11® – the champion among control station desks

Each desk handmade in German furniture manufacture

Height adjustment can be continuously adjusted by electric motor

Fully complies with legal ergonomics requirements

Robust construction, specially designed for 24/7 operation

AlarmLight function ensures shortened response times

Contemporary, clear look; corporate design concepts


Impressive optics and strong performance

Response times effectively optimized! Equipped with the AlarmLight – in the side panels and in the table surface, in the operator’s direct field of vision. In this way, employees perceive visual alarms in fractions of a second. Even in the standing position of the desks, the team does not miss any color change.


Kontrollraum Pult STRATOS X11 von Jungmann Systemtechnik
Kontrollraum Pult STRATOS X11 von Jungmann Systemtechnik
Kontrllraum Pult STRATOS X11 - Versorgungsraum geschlossen Kontrllraum Pult STRATOS X11 - Versorgungsraum geöffnet

Supply room – every cable in the right place

A tidy look without annoying cables and dangerous tripping hazards? No problem with the Stratos X11® system. All models of the control station console have illuminated supply rooms that can accommodate even large quantities of cables and technical installations.

Kontrllraum Pult STRATOS X11 - Versorgungsraum geschlossen Kontrllraum Pult STRATOS X11 - Versorgungsraum geöffnet
Raumluftsensor für Kontrollraumpult STRATOS X11
Icon - control room air quality
Icon - Control room temperature control
Icon - Air vitality in the control room
Icon - Humidity in the control room

AI-supported sensor competes with the nose

Fatigue-free work in a healthy climate! The VOC room air sensor (VOC = Volatile Organic Compounds) replaces the human senses. If the air quality deteriorates, the operator receives a message immediately. Temperature, humidity and air quality are constantly checked.

pdf More about JST Air Quality Sensor
Accesspoint für Login
MyLogin access card for control room console STRATOS X11

Login / logout process within seconds

Flexible and secure: With a user card or company ID card, login and logout are carried out via an integrated card-reading sensor. Simply placing the card is all that is required. The system recognizes personal identification at every workstation. Comfort without compromise.

Qi-Ladepad für Smartphone am Kontrollraumpult STRATOS X11

Stratos consoles always ensure 100 percent!

The smartphone must also be at hand in the control room and of course show sufficient power at all times? The new Qi charging pad – integrated into the surface of the Stratos control room desk – offers a convenient solution. Wireless charging! The power socket was yesterday.


Ergonomics literally “at the push of a button”

Health is the focus of the Stratos X11®. The control station tables are raised to the desired level by motors at the gentle push of a button. In compliance with ergonomic principles, our development team has designed all components in such a way that cables are concealed even in the upward movement.

Steuerungspanel der Höhenverstellung für Kontrollraumpult STRATOS X11
Steuerungspanel der Höhenverstellung für Kontrollraumpult STRATOS X11

Full control in the blink of an eye

This component distinguishes the Stratos X11® in its function as a control room console: Comprehensive and constant overview of all systems is provided by the JST CommandPad® with the myGUI® user interface – optionally available as (A) integrated solution directly in the console surface or as (B) flexible desktop variant.

New layout, new flexibility: With a myGUI® user interface optimized for touchscreens, the handling of system control in the control room convinces with maximum efficiency. As a user interface for the real-time control system MultiConsoling®the myGUI® ensures effortless and superior steering of the entire infrastructure in the control room thanks to the intuitive 3D layout of its own working environment. You take control!

With the JST CommandPad®, a control panel specially optimized for 24/7 operation, the operator has the myGUI® user interface and thus the entire control room control permanently in view. Whether in the integrated variant or as a flexible desktop solution, an endless selection of predefined myActions can be triggered with just a tap of the finger.

CommandPad - Side View
CommandPad - Rear View

Corporate design makes Stratos an eye-catcher

Whether signal red or magenta, sapphire blue or light green – with its impressive variety of colors, the Stratos X11® adapts to your company’s corporate design. All models of the extraordinary control station desk thus set colorful accents in the control room. Visual bonus: All Stratos consoles are equipped with high-quality JST stainless steel logo; also available with individual company logo upon request.

Icon - Farbe helles Grau
Icon - Farbe dunkles Grau
Icon - Farbe helles Grau
Icon - Farbe orange
Icon - Farbe weinrot
Icon - Farbe salatgrün
Icon - Farbe dunkelblau
Kontrollraumpult STRATOS X11 angepasst an Corporate Design
Icon - Farbe grau
Icon - Textur
Icon - Textur
Icon - Textur
Icon - Textur
Icon - Textur
Kontrollraumpult STRATOS X11 angepasst an Corporate Design
Icon - Farbe helles Grau
Icon - Farbe dunkles Grau
Icon - Farbe helles Grau
Icon - Farbe orange
Icon - Farbe weinrot
Icon - Farbe salatgrün
Icon - Farbe dunkelblau
Icon - Farbe grau
Icon - Textur
Icon - Textur
Icon - Textur
Icon - Textur
Icon - Textur

Configure your Stratos X11®

Stratos X11®
Stratos X11® Curve

Making the world a little greener together

Ergonomic high-tech desks and a pristine forest. How does that fit together? It’s simple: for every single control room console our customers purchase from JST, we plant a tree in Madagascar. Together, we are committed to more sustainability and support local agriculture.

How to become a tree sponsor
STRATOS X11 plants a tree - Logo
Kontrollraum-Pult STRATOS mit dem Wald im Hintergrund

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What clients say about their experience with JST – Jungmann Systemtechnik®

INEOS OXIDE - Waldemar Seibel (Betriebsingenieur, links) mit seinen Kollegen aus der Technik Stefan Johannsen und Christoph Mock (von links)
“Colleagues are enthusiastic by the progress we’ve made here.”
Waldemar Seibel (right) with his colleagues Stefan Johannsen und Christoph Mock (from left)
Plant engineer // Colleagues from engineering
JST Referenz BASF Schwarzheide - Vitali Goldnik und Oliver Bender
„High flexibility, reliable performance, no more annoying chair moving – that was already a great experience!“
Vitali Goldnik (left) // Oliver Bender
E&I Engineering BASF SE // Consultant JST
Volkswagen Sachsen Zwickau - Michael Beier und Rico Trautmann
„We have achieved significant improvements in terms of work quality – this is also confirmed by the feedback from colleagues.“
Rico Trautmann (left) and Michael Beier
Technical IT project manager // Subdivision manager material control center
Maik Steschulat - Municipal Works Magdeburg
“JST was able to offer us the best overall package in terms of furniture, technology and customer service – an equal acquisition.”
Maik Steschulat
Head of dispatching/gas/water/heat/waste water network management
JST TraveNetz Network Control Center - Project Manager Detlef Zuhl and Control Room Expert Dirk Lüders
“Technology, ergonomic furniture and large display walls – all from a single source. That was one of the convincing reasons why we chose JST.”
Detlef Zuhl (on the left) / Dirk Lüders
Head of Network Control Center TraveNetz / JST Consultant
Munich Airport EFM - Florian Hilz
“The visit to the control room simulator and the expert advice were great – one of the biggest deciding factors for us.”
Florian Hilz
Consultant to the management of EFM (de-icing and aircraft towing at Munich Airport) GmbH
JST Probat-Werke control room - Project manager Sebastian Kersten
“With today’s technologies and control room solutions, optimal workplaces can be created. Companies should seize this opportunity, because the control room is at the forefront of the whole thing.”
Sebastian Kersten
Sales Manager IT and Automation of PROBAT-Werke von Gimborn Maschinenfabrik GmbH

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For which applications are the control room desks and control room consoles suitable?

The JST control center table not only stands for high quality and adaptability, but also for planning security and investment protection. A control room desk from the Stratos X11® range is designed for the flexible installation of all workplace monitors in accordance with official handling instructions and guidelines. The operator can therefore carry out his tasks safely, without errors and without short or long-term damage to his health. The Stratos X11® control center table not only stands for high quality and adaptability, but also for planning security and investment protection. It counteracts impairments such as fatigue of the eye muscles or complaints in the shoulder-neck area. This allows to maintain the efficiency and health of the operators as long as possible.

What are the special features of the control room console?

  • The stability: The Stratos X11® control room table is manufactured exclusively in high quality. It is recommended for demanding operation in control rooms, where very resistant materials are usually required. Furthermore, it is… “Made in Germany”.
  • Ergonomics: The Stratos X11® complies with the “Handlungshilfen für Bildschirmarbeit in Leitwarten” (Guidelines for working with display screen equipment in control rooms) of the German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA).
    This is because the activities of operators in a control room fall within the scope of DGUV Information 215-410.
    This regulation is the basis for the Stratos X11® designs and JST space planning.
  • Design and architecture: An appropriate design has a motivating effect, prevents absences due to illness, increases satisfaction and reduces the fluctuation of your employees in the long term. The equipment and arrangement of the workstations is based on the special orientation of your processes in the control room. In doing so, we examine the information hierarchy and check that the viewing angles and viewing distances to large screen walls are observed. Of course, we take into account the employer’s liability insurance association’s workplace regulations (escape and traffic routes, control panels, etc.) and the EU guidelines for computer workstations.
  • Flexibility: Whether U-shaped, L-shaped, convex, concave or simply straight installed; the Stratos X11 control center table can be combined in almost any variant. Stratos X11 is available in various widths from 120 cm to 260 cm. The model “Curve” is available with a width of about 300 cm or about 360 cm. All corner elements and straight units can be combined as desired in a round shape.
  • Handling safety: Our AlarmLight in the control center desk is an LED RGB light strip located on the Stratos rear wall above the monitors, right/middle and right/down. The AlarmLight is used on the one hand for good optics, on the other hand it increases the attention drastically in case of critical alarms. Event-controlled light signals are demonstrably perceived more strongly by the entire team than information on a monitor. The AlarmLight is controlled by your monitoring or process control system to change color depending on the event. Flashing and pulsing of the AlarmLight is also individually adjustable. After prior technical coordination, JST will install the LED RGB light band, the control module and the software completely for you.

What legal and occupational health requirements do the control room consoles comply with?

DGUV Information 215-410 (formerly BGI 650): This guideline of the „Deutsche Gesetzlichen Unfallversicherung e.V.“ specifies the safety, occupational medicine, ergonomic and occupational psychology requirements for the design and operation of Screen and office workstations.

Screen work in control rooms: These guidelines for the ergonomic design of workplaces in accordance with the Display Screen Equipment Ordinance, now the Workplace Ordinance, on behalf of the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) are based on important findings that are particularly important when planning a control room.

DIN EN 527-1:2011-08: This standard is of European origin and contains specifications for dimensions of office desks (size and height of the work surface, dimensions of the leg room) and for measuring these dimensions.

DIN EN 527-2:2003-01: This standard is of European origin and contains mechanical safety requirements for office desks with regard to construction and stability.

DIN EN 527-3:2003-06: This standard is of European origin and contains specifications on the test conditions, test equipment, test procedures and test report with regard to the determination of the mechanical strength of the construction of ready-to-use office desks and their stability.

Electrically adjustable: The Stratos X11 control room desk optionally available with continuously variable electromotive standing/sitting height adjustment. The height adjustment range is 650 mm to 1250 mm according to DIN EN 527-1:2011.
For height adjustment, the specified safety distance (danger of crushing) of 3 cm according to DIN EN 527-1:2011 is maintained between table tops and between table top and side panel.
To minimize the risk of accidents during height adjustment, a collision protection sensor is integrated.
For example, if the tabletop moves onto a solid object, the motor stops.
Material damage is thereby avoided as far as possible.
Especially practical: the Memory function for standing-height adjustment.
As an option to the standard operating unit of the standing height adjustment, the operating comfort can be increased. Three altitude settings are stored and accessed at the touch of a button.
For an optimal standing/sitting position, a display informs at which height the table top is currently located.

3D Monitor arms: With the optionally available 3D monitor arms, the operator can individually adjust the visual distance and angle of view to his needs.
Even at a short viewing distance, there is still enough desk space in front of the monitor, e.g. a DIN A4 sheet.
The viewing distance is maintained at 450 mm to 750 mm according to DIN EN 527-1:2011.

Lowered monitor shelf space: The monitors are lowered for ergonomic reasons 10 cm behind the worktop on a separate shelf.
This enables you to achieve a head tilt of approx. 15°, which prevents tension in the neck area.
Especially employees with progressive glasses will not want to miss this feature anymore.

Comfortable foot space: Occupational physicians pay particular attention to sufficient depth of foot and leg room.
At this point, Stratos X11® offers far more than the guidelines for screen workstations prescribe.
As a result of a predominant monitoring activity, the operators lean back in their chair, stretching their feet far forward under the table.
During the construction of the Stratos X11® this was taken into account. Leg and foot space is maintained in accordance with DIN EN 527-1:2011.

What other special options do I get for my control room console?

PowerPort data pull-out: Supply your notebook with power and data quickly and easily or simply charge your mobile phone without having to search for a nearby power outlet. The PowerPort data pull-out is integrated flush in the cover plate of all standing and technical containers. Optionally also available for the monitor surfaces or conference tables.

PowerPort Data-Box: The PowerPort Data Box is recommended for flush integration into the work surface.
The assembly can be designed individually.

Lamp in Porsche design: The chic compact fluorescent lamp with microprism for glare-free work, material: anodized aluminum spring balanced joints, lamp head multiple adjustable, light color neutral white, 4000 K, color rendering Ra=82 230 – 240 V; 50/60 Hz, power consumption 12V.

DisplayBox: Faster detection, faster reaction, faster interference suppression! With the Stratos X11® expansion unit “DisplayBox”, the workplace adapts to the respective situation. If required, for example Large screen displays can be moved in or out from a DisplayBox located behind the Stratos control desk. This way you get all the important information at the right time and in the right place at a glance.

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