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New control center for traffic monitoring with monitor wall and flexible control

Rush hour traffic in the city. The streets are full and commuters gather at the local transport stops. If a bus breaks down now, it will be difficult. In case of breakdowns or delays, everything depends on the control center in the university town of Göttingen. There, ideal technical conditions for traffic monitoring have now been created in favour of reaction time. With products made by JST, the employees of the Göttinger Verkehrsbetriebe GmbH are able to maintain an overview.

“We are responsible for ensuring that everything goes according to plan,” sums up Project Manager Ricardo Mecke. The traffic master, who is part of the ten-man team of employees at the Göttingen control center, knows exactly which requirements have to be met in order to form a perfect basis for the operators’ work.

Curious about solutions from control room professionals

He therefore went online to find a partner for the control center as part of an extensive modernisation project. During their research, he and his colleagues from traffic monitoring came across JST. “At first we thought that this was just too big for us, but the numerous informative references convinced us. So we wanted to have a look,” recalls Ricardo Mecke, who was particularly interested in the ergonomic advantages of the JST furniture.

JST - Göttinger Verkehrsbetriebe: Operator workstations in front of the large display wall
JST - Göttinger Verkehrsbetriebe: Parabolically arranged workstations for control centre staff

"We wanted the amazing technology"

All initial doubts went away as soon as the Göttingen traffic specialists visited JST’s control room simulator. A journey that has paid off. Ricardo Mecke: “We were all quite excited there and were pleasantly surprised by what is possible in terms of price.” The decision was taken during a workshop and a precise analysis to do more than just optimise the furniture. “We also wanted the amazing technology,” says the project manager.

Optimal basis for proactive traffic management

Nowadays, the staff in the Göttingen control center are supported by both a proactive monitor wall, which is also ideally suited for BigPicture displays thanks to its LCD displays with ultra-narrow frames, and the flexible control technology provided by JST-MultiConsoling®. The best conditions for achieving the goal of traffic master Mecke: “We want to be able to intervene in the event of delays or the provision of replacement vehicles before the passenger even notices anything.”

Employees feel the positive effects daily

However, it is not only the customers of the transport companies who benefit from the modernisation; the employees also feel the positive effects every day: Ergonomic furniture with height-adjustable operator desks is just one of the benefits. Even emissions from heat and noise are a thing of the past. Thanks to JST MultiConsoling®, it was possible to move all the technology into a separate room.

Praise for the professional collaboration

In retrospect, there was a lot of praise from traffic master Ricardo Mecke. His assessment of the collaboration with the control room experts from JST: “I have never worked with someone so professional before. From the first meeting to the installation, everything went perfectly.”

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