MultiConsoling® – the
network-independent real-
time control of your control room

MultiConsoling® is your real-time control center. It connects all desired sources – from the computer to the camera – with the monitors at the workplace, the large screen wall and even with the decentralized crisis room.

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Watch the video:How does the system control work with MultiConsoling®?

Convincing advantages of MultiConsoling®

Fast: Image display and keyboard/mouse operation in real time

Intuitive: 3D user interface in the design of the control room

Secure:Transmission independent of the IP network

Flexible: No additional software required on your source computers

Comprehensive control: Connection of decentralized control rooms with high availability

Free-Seating: The operator can change workplaces within a few seconds

With MultiConsoling®the large display wall begins at the workplace!

MultiConsoling® simultaneously records all signals from the computer to be displayed (keyboard, mouse, monitor, audio), analogue or digital cameras, TV (image and audio) and distributes them in real time to individual displays or as a BigPicture to several large screens. Thanks to the myGUI® user interface, every operator has control of the video wall and the workstations within just four minutes!

MultiConsoling Schema

This hardware solution is convincing even in safety-critical settings

The user verdict says it all: “Flexibility, convenience, usability and real-time transmission without delay – comparable systems can’t keep up!” MultiConsoling® establishes new standards in hundreds of control stations. It is not only the effortlessly intuitive operation with the unique myGUI® user interface that is convincing. The focus is also on the security relevance of KVM control. MultiConsoling® makes network switches based on proprietary protocols obsolete. Thanks to special hardware components and the separation between the KVM system and the corporate network, MultiConsoling® is suitable even for security-critical facilities. Redundancy concepts for every security level ensure trouble-free control room operation.

Intuitive user interface – comfort and
safety with the myGUI® Controller

Clearly structured and intuitively understandable: the myGUI® user interface (GUI: Graphical User Interface) in the 3D layout of your control room has distinguished itself in practical tests for years. With one click, the operator controls workstations and large-screen technology as well as cameras, meeting rooms and building technology from any location.

The JST development team combines this effortless control of all systems with reliable security standards for the highly sensitive sources in the control room environment – with the myGUI® controller, specially designed for the myGUI® database. You can easily implement strategic rights and role management using this solution. You decide who has access to the existing data and to what extent.

JST myGUI Controller

MultiConsoling® -Grabber: latency-free
transmission with maximum security

Performance, comfort and safety – how can a combination of these three requirements be realized even in safety-critical control room facilities? The hardware solutions of the MultiConsoling® system provide the perfect solution. In the outsourced equipment room, grabbers access signals from the protected source PCs, send them to the MultiCenter and thus make latency-free transmissions possible.

Without any compromise in quality, the grabbers can thus generate two benefits for control room operations at the same time: On the one hand, the security concept is taken into account, and on the other, the control room climate is optimized by reducing noise and heat. The MultiConsoling® concept completely eliminates the need for software installations.

MultiConsoling® provides the direct link to the world of VMs

Immediate switching between virtuality and reality. GrabberVM technology, in combination with MultiConsoling®, enables the perfect integration of virtual systems. While one monitor is occupied with the applications of a conventional PC, another receives the signals of the virtual machine.

The operating concept allows direct access to the VM server sources via the GrabberVM. The user switches between the individual applications without noticeable differences. The advantages of this comfortable use of the Virtual Machines are obvious: more efficient deployment of the hardware with a quantitative reduction of the required components, but also reduced maintenance and energy costs with high availability.

JST Grabber
JST Grabber
JST myGUI Controller
Do you have questions about the MultiStreaming or MultiConsoling®? We will be happy to assist you!

A secure foundation for the tasks of the future

Clever software solutions from the JST developer forge create new perspectives for the operator’s job. 100 percent compatibility! This applies in combination with the MultiConsoling® concept both to the PixelDetection® monitoring software and to an individually configurable dashboard with JST CockpitView®. Perfect tools in times of Big Data!

JST’s innovative KVM solutions create new, user-friendly standards in control room operation

A pure hardware solution with the MultiConsoling®? Or rather network-based system operation with JST MultiStreaming®? The comparison makes it clear: Both options score with high flexibility and can be operated effortlessly and intuitively thanks to the myGUI® user interface. Nevertheless, there are some differences, which become apparent especially with such outstanding functions as SplitView and Dynamic SplitControl. Compare for yourself!

Switching sources on the DisplayWall and at the workstation
Transmission type

Proprietary: A manufacturer-specific, unpublished, protocol connects special hardware together.

TCP/IP (network): A connection is established between the devices via a standardized network

Compatibility with JST CockpitView®/PixelDetection®
Remote dial-in

Latency due to IP conversion

Low latency

IT Security

Proprietary signal

AES 128 bit encrypted

Picture in picture (Pip)
Control and operation of sources in SplitView

More about MultiConsoling® in our videos

Video Thumbnail JST Control Room - Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin

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What clients report about their experience with JST – Jungmann Systemtechnik®

JST Referenz Messwarte STORAG ETZEL: Projektleiter Holger Gerdes
A mosaic wall with which line paths and measured values were mapped – “that was no longer state of the art”. Today, the measuring station works with modern control room visualization and flexible control from JST – Jungmann Systemtechnik®.
Holger Gerdes
Head of Process Control Technology at STORAG ETZEL Service GmbH
Arthur Gebhardt (links)  und Tibor Liptay
Give a “thumbs up” for the JST installation in the Swiss multi-client site – a gesture that could hardly be clearer. Conclusion: “This solution is not only extremely high-performance, but also very scalable.”
Arthur Gebhardt (left) // Tibor Liptay
Project Management (GETEC Switzerland) // General Planning (Addministra GmbH – Construction Management)
Stadtwerke Steinburg GmbH, Itzehoe - René Quurk / Rolf Weihausen
“What was presented to us in the control room simulator made me a fan of the project from the start”
René Quurk (left) // Rolf Weihausen
Division Manager Network Management // Project Manager
Christian Weber, Head of Network Management ovag Netz GmbH
” During my research on the German market, I have not been able to find anything that even comes close to this functionality and ease of use.”
Christian Weber
Head of Network Management ovag Netz GmbH
eu-Lisa Leitstand - Oliver Bender and Dominik Schubert
Thanks to their close cooperation during the control station project, they were able to make the processes in first-level support at eu-LISA not only clearer, but also more secure.
Oliver Bender / Dominik Schubert
JST Consultant / SIS II Service Owner eu-LISA
JST Reference Zeppelin Power Systems Fleet Operations Center - Project Manager
“Intervene before there is any damage – we achieve this goal with the solutions from JST. The FOC serves as our business card, so to speak, and demonstrates our expertise in the digitization of service to our customers.”
Andreas Jantzen (left) / Jens Hackelberg
Fleet Operations Center Head – FOC Helpdesk / Operator
JST MVL Schwedt: Project manager Pascal Havy satisfied with control room solution
“We have sounded out the market thoroughly and are simply convinced that JST is the best partner for us. Consulting, technology and quality are right. At JST, you’re dealing with professionals from A to Z.”
Pascal Havy
Managing Director of Mineralölverbundleitung (MVL) GmbH Schwedt
JST Das große Praxisbuch der Kontrollräume

Guidebooks, checklists, practical examples, solutions and technical articles for the installation of control rooms, control stations and control centers

The great practical book of control rooms is free of charge for JST customers and interested parties.

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