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New level of monitoring in the data center control center

Growing monitoring tasks, increased demands on response times – a new era is about to dawn for the control center in the computer center of Finanzverwaltung Nordrhein-Westfalen. To be able to meet the increasing requirements, a completely new control center was implemented together with the control room professionals from JST – Jungmann Systemtechnik®.

28,000 financial officials in NRW condemned to inactivity, tax returns remain unprocessed, citizens’ queries cannot be answered – to prevent this worst-case scenario from occurring, the control center in the computer center of Finanzverwaltung Nordrhein-Westfalen relies on the technical know-how of Jungmann Systemtechnik.

Update required for central monitoring

The images from the past will quickly make it clear that the central monitoring of the production processes and infrastructure of the tax authority could no longer be ensured with the former working equipment. A team where the workstations were distributed over several rooms. Up to 18 monitoring monitors, some of which are located at the rear of the operator. “In order to be able to fulfill our future tasks as a central authority for the more than 100 tax offices in North Rhine-Westphalia, something had to happen,” summarizes Hans-Leo Tholen, Head of Department 211 (Control Center).

Control room professionals score points with technical solutions

Through a public invitation to tender, the control room experts from JST came into play at this point, who were able to score points not only with their specifications, which conformed to the authorities’ requirements, but especially with the desired technical solutions for the new requirements. “We had several opportunities to experience the achievements of the Jungmann team,” recalls Hans-Leo Tholen.

Benefiting from first-hand experience

Among other things, the project manager took part in the ko:mon – congress and seminar for control room technology and monitoring. Tholen: “That was very interesting. You were able to get first-hand experience of other people’s experiences there.” Reference visits to JST customers such as Itergo in Düsseldorf, Straßen NRW in Leverkusen and R+V Versicherung in Wiesbaden have also strengthened the head of department in his decision for Jungmann Systemtechnik.

Control room simulator: "Colleagues were impressed"

During a visit to the JST Control room simulator, in Buxtehude, northern Germany, Hans-Leo Tholen was able to convince his employees from the data center of the new technology. “The colleagues were excited when they were able to try out the new possibilities directly on site.”

Perfect basis for time-critical work

Faster reactions to the new time-critical requirements that are placed on the computer center control center will not be a problem in the future thanks to the new equipment. In addition to the complete redesign of the facilities to JST plans, the employees benefit from a whole range of technical innovations. For example, the JST MultiConsoling®, a control technology that makes it possible to easily switch on screen contents with a click and move them to any workstation monitor or the large screen wall.

"JST solutions provide invaluable support"

Hans-Leo Tholen: “My idea was to ensure that my colleagues could work more flexibly together as a team. The messages should reach all employees at the same time and central monitoring should take place on the large screen wall”. With the JST Software PixelDetection® that is no problem. The alarm tool monitors critical applications in the background and warns the operators with acoustic signals in case of deviations from the previously set reference values. JST consultant Volker Weimer also knows: For the special requirements of the tax authorities, the CockpitView® and PixelDetection® solutions offer indispensable support with regard to monitoring and reaction times.

Convincing advice and technical support

In this context, the head of department at the North Rhine-Westphalia data center not only praises the JST products, but the team of control room specialists was also able to convince: “Whether it was the support from the consultants or the support from the technicians – I was always very satisfied. Every question was quickly answered with the desired feedback,” says Hans-Leo Tholen.

JST Computer Center tax authority NRW: Control center before modernization JST Computer Center tax authority NRW: Control center after modernization

Computer center of Finanzverwaltung Nordrhein-Westfalen: Control center before and after modernization

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