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With data analyses in the FOC to Predictive Maintenance

JST Reference Zeppelin Power Systems Fleet Operations Center combines technology and ergonomics

JST control room solution: real-time monitoring, data analyses, precise availability forecasts - with the support of the Jungmann team, state-of-the-art solutions were implemented in Zeppelin Power Systems' new Fleet Operations Center for the service of globally monitored drive and power systems. Goal: To support Predictive Maintenance.

A cruise ship in the Mediterranean or on a river, a container freighter, a locomotive or special machinery in use. Reliable engine operation is a basic prerequisite for trouble-free workflows and processes.

Precise forecasts for maximum availability

Continuity and reliability – this is where Zeppelin Power Systems comes in. Remote monitoring is the magic formula that enables the company to provide its customers with precise forecasts on the condition of their engines and improve the availability of their equipment. Be it marine engines or drives for locomotives, combined heat and power plants or engines for special machinery – based on data analysis and alarm monitoring, Zeppelin Power Systems offers a supplement to customized service to avoid unwanted and costly failures.

The FOC collects and analyzes engine data 24/7 worldwide

The central pillar of this concept is the Hamburg Fleet Operations Center (FOC), where the engine specialists relied on the know-how of the JST control room team for its implementation. There, the data from all globally connected drive and energy systems are received 24/7 for evaluation. The hardware and software solutions implemented by JST not only allow error messages to be recorded in real time, they also go one step further: Supported by innovative technical solutions, the engine operator can be given proactive information in order to achieve significantly higher equipment availability.

Starting signal for the dawn of the Predictive Maintenance era

“The construction of the control room went hand in hand with the first major service digitization projects within the company,” explains Andreas Jantzen, Head of FOC and Helpdesk. A special requirement at the start of the new predictive maintenance era: “We were looking for an experienced partner who could offer us state-of-the-art solutions,” says project manager Jantzen, “Jungmann was able to provide considerable expertise and convincing reference projects; with their project in the operations center of a cruise shipping company, we even have a joint customer.

Ready for expansion in the future

The technical possibilities of the JST components immediately appealed to the marine operations engineer: “We deliberately thought big with an eye to future digital services.” We wanted to position ourselves so that we could expand in the future, and the Jungmann solutions were an excellent fit. It was immediately clear to Andreas Jantzen during his visit to the JST control room simulator: “Consultant Dirk Lüders presented us with professional options that would allow us to implement our wishes to perfection. It was very impressive to see what was hidden behind the façade of an office building.”

One system, one button – everything under control

The Fleet Operations Center was constructed by Jungmann Systemtechnik in two expansion phases. The Zeppelin Power Systems team benefits from more than just ergonomic control room furniture. Of particular importance is the user-friendly MultiConsoling® technology, enabling all systems to be conveniently available at any workstation at the touch of a button and displayed for shared use via the intuitively operated Videowall.

MultiConsoling® - "a really smart solution"

“Efficient, fast and uncomplicated – MutiConsoling® is a really smart solution. It helps us to be able to precisely assess the situation in the individual systems that we monitor. Groups of visitors are also regularly impressed by the range of applications in combination with the large display wall,” reports Andreas Jantzen.

Qualified support on technical issues

And because everything at the Fleet Operations Center revolves around perfect customer service, the FOC Head also took a close look at Jungmann Service. Jantzen: “We have received qualified support for every technical question. It is really all very professional.” He also considers the JST Academy seminars to be particularly worth recommending. “It’s a valuable experience – you get a much deeper understanding of the system there thanks to expert answers.”

Andreas Jantzen sums up: “Intervene before there is any damage – we are now much closer to this goal with the solutions from JST. The FOC serves as our business card, so to speak, and demonstrates our expertise in the digitization of service to our customers.”

JST Reference Zeppelin Power Systems Fleet Operations Center - Project Manager
"Intervene before there is any damage – we achieve this goal with the solutions from JST. The FOC serves as our business card, so to speak, and demonstrates our expertise in the digitization of service to our customers."

Andreas Jantzen (left) / Jens Hackelberg

Fleet Operations Center Head – FOC Helpdesk / Operator

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