Visit the unique control room simulator from JST

Having a vision of the future is good. Experience is better!
Visit the control room simulator that is unique in Europe – a synthesis of state-of-the-art technology and the latest ergonomic know-how. The control room of the future. The extraordinary: Here you can touch everything and try it out for yourself.

The tour of the control room simulator is free of charge. Please make an appointment in advance.

Also possible as a remote session!

  • No travel times
  • No costs
  • No risk of infection

The workshop day is held in our control room simulator in Buxtehude and is free of charge and non-binding. We recommend that as many project managers as possible and at least one employee from the control room attend this meeting.

This is what you can expect in the project workshop:


We record your actual status (technology, equipment, processes, …)


We examine the information hierarchy, check the optimal seating arrangement and analyze how a large-screen system  can support your control room team.


We present the latest large image techniques, especially the different control options and explain dependencies on resolutions, image sizes, viewing distances and much more.


We discuss whether it makes sense to relocate the noise- and heat-producing workplace computers. We will also assess with you whether the many screens at the workplace can be reduced with MultiConsoling® technology.


We determine a budget price based on the concept that is developed. This provides you with a coherent rough outline and a clear target for the further procedure.


We determine a budget price based on the concept that is developed. This provides you with a coherent rough outline and a clear target for the further procedure.

What will you experience in the control room simulator?

  • Optimal display of your applications on different DisplayWalls
  • More flexibility and easier operation of all your systems with MultiConsoling® and myGUI®
  • Better overview and faster alarm clearance with CockpitView
  • React faster with PixelDetection®
  • More security through JST-myLogin® and proven failover concepts
  • Stratos X11 standing/sitting operator’s console, TacticTable and innovative ergonomic, lighting and acoustic concepts for fatigue-free and concentrated work
  • A look into the future with augmented reality and speech and gesture control

Go with us on an adventure tour into the world of modern technology


Let's go on a large display hunt

Take a look into the future and take a close look at the latest large-display technology in the control room simulator. Whether LED rear-projection cube, monitor wall, Videowall, large-format system or DisplayWall – you can expect technology of the highest level, naturally also in terms of software.

Our JST-PixelDetection® software shows you the automated alarm activation on the large display wall. The alarm and management tools you use are only displayed when they require your attention. Reaction times are drastically reduced!

Enjoy the new freedom

In the control room simulator, you can actively test the flexible MultiConsoling® workplace circuitry yourself and experience its advantages first hand. A win for every workplace! Thanks to MultiConsoling®, fewer screens are needed, employees choose their seats according to the free seating principle, and teamwork is encouraged. The computers are located securely and air-conditioned in a remote technical room. In addition, MultiConsoling® enables interconnection between workstations and large-format systems. You control the entire system via the intuitive myGUI® user interface.

Discover unimagined comfort

Try out the special control room furniture: STRATOS CommandDesk X11 with standing-sitting height adjustment, operator’s chair for 24/7 continuous operation, acoustic large display wall paneling, acoustic ceiling systems, control room lighting concepts, crisis room solutions, conference desk with various PC connection interfaces, meeting points and much more.

We look forward to your visit!

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