MouseRadar – Increased visibility of your mouse cursor!

Do you want to bring your workplace displays and monitor walls to a new, more professional level? Use MouseRadar – another professional tool from JST! Highest usability guaranteed! With a timer that can be adjusted for individual use, your mouse will always remain visible, even when idle. No more annoying shaking and searching. The cursor becomes a clearly visible and moving icon.

  • Fast: Annoying “mouse shaking” and searching is no longer necessary
  • Secure: No more accidental clicks
  • Clear: The mouse cursor is immediately visible
  • Individual: Use your own graphics (e.g. company logo)
Mouse-Tool and Mouse-Radar Software from JST Jungmann REQUEST A NON-BINDING OFFER
Mouse-Tool and Mouse-Radar Software from JST Jungmann

Make the mouse pointer visible

When you are working at a workstation with several screens, sometimes you may not know which screen the mouse pointer is on. If you are also using the proactive large display wall as an active work surface, searching for the mouse can be tricky – often the operator will have to move the mouse around at the workstation in order to see the cursor.

This is exactly where the MouseRadar helps: After a preset time, the mouse pointer will automatically become visible. An animation will appear around it, which you can freely configure. Advantage: The program does not need to be installed on your computers.


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