Control room project successfully completed. This is what the clients report about their experience in working with JST.

A small selection of our references: Here you can read evaluations, opinions and experience reports of the project managers after the completed commissioning. We will be happy to put you in touch with the respective contact person.

Rico Trautmann (IT-Projektleiter, Volkswagen Zwickau)
"It used to be the case that employees often reported process disruptions: Attention! Something's wrong here!" Rico Trautmann recalls the early days of automation. As automation progressed, Volkswagen had to find answers to the question: What happens when these employee voices are no longer heard?

When looking for a solution via a pilot project, the IT project manager focused on working in the control room and the possibility of "using data to see whether our process is working and how we can optimize it". Rico Trautmann: "The employees in the control room shouldn't spend hours looking at a monitor that doesn't change. They should only become active if there is a fault in the process." This is precisely where the pilot project "showed what JST technology can do. When the need finally became apparent, everything fell into place. Today, the functions of the JST hardware support us as an extremely suitable tool for displaying system messages automatically."

Rico Trautmann

IT Project Manager, Volkswagen Zwickau

JST References - Authorised Digital Radio Centre of Lower Saxony - Christiana Berg
"The operational experience that we have been able to gather in the past few years has shown us that an additional digital radio storage room is necessary, especially for special operational situations such as high-risk football matches, flood events or even operational situations in connection with terrorism. Digital radio plays a special role in such operational situations, as it offers a range of possibilities that make it much easier for all of the emergency services to cope with the situation."

Christiana Berg

Chief Police Officer of the Central Police Department of Lower Saxony

Dr. Konrad Schachtner - JST References
"ASIC consolidates the European alliance data centers. With the technical enhancements in OPC, we will be able to meet international challenges even better. JST provided us with professional support for the "facelift" of the control center. It was important for us to have a partner with comprehensive experience who knows the practical needs of a control center and can offer us a targeted complete solution. JST has proven beyond a doubt that it is capable of doing this - and is also unbureaucratic and professional in its approach.

Dr. Konrad Schachtner

Head of ASIC Operation Center

JST References - Head of the Institute Industrial IT of the OWL University of Applied Sciences Prof. Dr. Jürgen Jaspernelte
"With the modern JST control room, the model factory in Lemgo is now able to map all essential information processes of a manufacturing company from the control level to the sensor in a very small space. There are very few comparable model factories in Germany. We are now in a position to test and demonstrate our research and development results for transformational and energy-efficient production in a very practical way."

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Jaspernelte

Head of the Institute Industrial IT of the OWL University of Applied Sciences and of the Fraunhofer IOSB-INA in Lemgo