Optimise your control room and get perfectly equipped for the future

Any company that wants to optimise its control room must think first and foremost about the future. The ever accelerating digital transformation, the elimination of security gaps in hardware and software, and the creation of the best possible working atmosphere are all the focus of control room optimisation.

Take advantage of the know-how of the specialists at Jungmann Systemtechnik. Whether you want to optimise parts of the control room or the entire department. From the analysis to the finished handover, we provide perfectly designed solutions all from a single source, including our large-screen control system with MultiConsoling®.

Optimise control rooms with JST Jungmann
  • Analysis of your needs in a workshop day
  • Clearly defined concept for control room optimisation
  • Investigation of the information hierarchy
  • Review of the optimal seating arrangement
  • Use of the latest monitor walls and reduction to the essential
  • Computer relocation, sound insulation and air conditioning for a healthy indoor climate
Chosen by leading companies and institutions

Practical examples: Control room optimisation

JST has optimised countless control rooms. We understand how important it is to identify potential problems in the system as quickly as possible and to act proactively to ensure uninterrupted operation. That is why we observe all safety requirements and place the highest demands on the final operating concept! Our reference reports contain various example projects. You are welcome to have a look around.

We will be happy to put you in touch with the appropriate contact person.

With outstanding service for the new professionally planned control center

The requirement profile for the new IT control room was clearly defined from the outset: The company wanted a modern, forward-looking solution that would be compatible with an independent IT service provider with the latest data center in the south of Austria. For the new construction of its Service Operation Center (SOC), RAITEC GmbH has chosen Jungmann Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG (JST) as a high-performance partner for the new construction of its service operation center. The furniture as well as the hardware and software in the new SOC therefore all come from the same source.

They accompanied planning and implementation of the project from start to finish.

Martin Galli / Dietmar Schlar / Stefan Hermann (from left to right)

Team Leader Service Operation Center / Managing Director RAITEC GmbH / Head of Department Mainframe System Management and Application Control

Optimised control room: Update for technology and appearance in the monitoring control center

“Bigger, nicer, cooler” – in a series of informative comparatives, Marius Förster sums up the advantages of the new s.Oliver control room. Having already placed the installation of its new control room in the hands of Jungmann Systemtechnik in 2013, the company decided once again to place its trust in the JST experts. In a second step, the update at the company headquarters in Rottendorf was also handed back to the Jungmann team.

"With the new control room we are now optimally equipped for the future."

Marius Förster

Manager of the operational IT department

Professionally optimised control room ensures modern working environment

“We provide the latest technology and optimum service” – RAITEC GmbH at the Linz site has remained true to this guiding principle when choosing a partner to equip its new control center. With technology and furniture from Jungmann Systemtechnik, the company has equipped itself perfectly for current and especially for future requirements.

"We wanted a modern, cutting-edge work environment, and that is exactly what we got."

Peter Gabauer

Head of Department Service Operation Center

JST GRZ Linz Arbeitsplätze im Kontrollraum mit Großbildwand

JST product overview: Think of everything!

JST-solutions and components. Control-room-drawing

Optimise control rooms with the following components

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What steps does JST take when planning the perfect control room optimisation?

In a control room that has expanded over the years, it becomes increasingly difficult to monitor the many event monitors. Ergonomic and fast responses are barely possible. Employees can barely concentrate on their actual tasks due to the noise and heat generated. If the control room of your company has reached this state, it requires urgent measures to optimise it. Jungmann Systemtechnik gets to work here using a proven and efficient planning workflow.

The first step begins with the analysis of your needs in a workshop day with all of the project managers. We will then provide you with a clearly defined concept and a budget estimate for the optimisation. We will examine the information hierarchy and review optimal seating arrangements, taking into account the viewing angles for the large display wall as well as the EU Directives for workstations with visual display units, workplaces and workplace regulations. We will also introduce you to the latest monitor walls, in particular the different control options.

We will also discuss the possibility of relocation heat-producing workstations with you. We are certain that the numerous individual workstation screens can be reduced down to the essentials by using a large-screen control system with MultiConsoling®.

Individually adjusting the lighting conditions can be an important factor in control room optimisation. Here we will create a customised lighting concept for you.

Lastly, we will investigate sound and heat generation. Ensure an enormous improvement in the general indoor climate and the working conditions of the employees. For example, by installing sound-absorbing elements directly in the surrounding furniture and using air conditioning technology. We are happy to provide you with an additional floor plan suitable for architects and a photo-realistic draft. The final rough concept will provide the basis for your decision and the start of the optimisation.

How will the planning for your control room proceed?

In the second step of planning we will create the detailed plans. You will receive circuit diagrams with clearly understandable functional descriptions. We keep a close eye on the set objectives and the approved budget. Additionally, we will prepare a rack plan for you to calculate the exact space requirements of your technical room. This ensures that in the end everything will fit and that cable routes will be optimised and orderly. A checklist will show all power and network connections.

We are happy to answer your questions regarding the optimisation of control rooms

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