JST TacticTable® – smart technology as a source of team-based solutions in the control center

Crisis management and information sharing: Interactive situation table with multi-touchscreen creates new perspectives for communication in the control center

See in the video: Performance and flexibility – experience the interactive JST TacticTable® here.

JST TacticTable®: Convincing advantages

Access to all sources and processes of the control center

Full integration into the MultiConsoling® control system

Flexible gesture control

Basis for constructive teamwork

Safe handling with the intuitive myGUI® user interface

Visual signals via integrated AlarmLight


Interactive situation table for flexible use

Critical infrastructure or process control system, disaster control or crisis situation, training or shift handover – as an interactive multi-touch tool, the JST TacticTable® provides the basis for differentiated analyses within a selected team.

Tactic Table von Jungmann Systemtechnik
Tactic Table von Jungmann Systemtechnik

Gesture control makes operation child’s play

Whether swipe, zoom, rotate or drag – gesture controls as simple as on a smartphone make handling the JST TacticTable® child’s play for employees. Thanks to superimposed keyboards, even text input is possible.


Central hub for control room data

“Control the situation!” – the JST TacticTable® creates a smart information hub where all systems in the control room can be coordinated on demand. Users can initiate targeted measures based on the released data.

Tactic Table from JST - bottom left view
Tactic Table from JST - bottom left view
JST employees at the Tactic Table

Bundle skills. Developing creative approaches to solutions in a team

The goal of this innovative working method with a digital situation table is obvious – optimized performance based on concentrated mutual impulses. The performance potential and skills of the individual are multiplied by the bundling of creative concepts and ideas in the team.

JST employees at the Tactic Table

Complete linkage with the JST MultiConsoling®

Comprehensive compatibility with the JST MultiConsoling® control system opens up limitless flexibility. If required and authorized, the team at the JST TacticTable® accesses all sources and processes available in the control center.

Control room / control room
Control room / control room
Tactic Table from JST controlled with gestures

Universally applicable with exceptional options

In addition to control station information, data from external specialists can also be fed into the interactive situation table without any problems. Different computers can be freely positioned at the same time in the desired size. Significant attribute: Visual signals are received via the JST AlarmLight.

Tactic Table from JST controlled with gestures

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What clients report about their experience with JST – Jungmann Systemtechnik®

JST Referenz Messwarte STORAG ETZEL: Projektleiter Holger Gerdes
A mosaic wall with which line paths and measured values were mapped – “that was no longer state of the art”. Today, the measuring station works with modern control room visualization and flexible control from JST – Jungmann Systemtechnik®.
Holger Gerdes
Head of Process Control Technology at STORAG ETZEL Service GmbH
Stadtwerke Steinburg GmbH, Itzehoe - René Quurk / Rolf Weihausen
“What was presented to us in the control room simulator made me a fan of the project from the start”
René Quurk (left) // Rolf Weihausen
Division Manager Network Management // Project Manager
protec service GmbH - 
Mathias Lindscheid
“Great products, great service and at every point of our cooperation we met a very friendly team from JST.“
Mathias Lindscheid
Managing Director
JST Referenz BASF Schwarzheide - Vitali Goldnik und Oliver Bender
„High flexibility, reliable performance, no more annoying chair moving – that was already a great experience!“
Vitali Goldnik (left) // Oliver Bender
E&I Engineering BASF SE // Consultant JST
JST Reference Zeppelin Power Systems Fleet Operations Center - Project Manager
“Intervene before there is any damage – we achieve this goal with the solutions from JST. The FOC serves as our business card, so to speak, and demonstrates our expertise in the digitization of service to our customers.”
Andreas Jantzen (left) / Jens Hackelberg
Fleet Operations Center Head – FOC Helpdesk / Operator
JST Probat-Werke control room - Project manager Sebastian Kersten
“With today’s technologies and control room solutions, optimal workplaces can be created. Companies should seize this opportunity, because the control room is at the forefront of the whole thing.”
Sebastian Kersten
Sales Manager IT and Automation of PROBAT-Werke von Gimborn Maschinenfabrik GmbH
Munich Airport EFM - Florian Hilz
“The visit to the control room simulator and the expert advice were great – one of the biggest deciding factors for us.”
Florian Hilz
Consultant to the management of EFM (de-icing and aircraft towing at Munich Airport) GmbH

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

In which situations can an interactive situation table be used? What are the benefits of the multi-touch table for the control station?

Especially in critical situations things are often hectic. The integration of the digital situation table TacticTable can relieve the control center extremely effectively. While those responsible in the crisis or meeting room evaluate the situation and examine it from every angle, the operator team in the control center can carry out its essential tasks in the usual calm working atmosphere – without any disruptive activities.

Interventions, process disturbances and failures are just some of the constellations in which the interactive table may be used. The touchscreen table has remarkable attributes not only in terms of crisis management. It is also suitable for training or meeting situations. During a meeting, participants can access the same information on all four sides and thus obtain an identical level of knowledge that serves as a basis for discussion.

What is special about the interactive situation table? What are the outstanding features?

One of the main USP factors of the TacticTable is its flexibility. Up to ten sources from different networks can be displayed simultaneously – even without network coupling if required. The interface to the systems takes place, for example, via the MultiConsoling® system. Integration can be made possible without software installation and network access. If desired, external data from the mobile devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones) of the meeting participants can also be connected via plug & play. Integrated QI charging pads are available for wireless charging of QI-enabled devices such as smartphones.

To offer multiple handling possibilities, the interactive situation table not only has the option to rotate, zoom, mirror, etc. the displays on the smart screen. There is also the usage variable via touchpads, which are integrated on all four sides and serve to control the source switching. In addition, digitally displayed keyboards are available. Like the actual control station, the digital situation table also has a feature for visual alarm signals in the form of the AlarmLight.

The system meets special security requirements by being connected to the user rights management of the console system. User-specific rights can be queried when accessing the source systems of the control center in order to use the interactive situation table. Participants simply log on to the TacticTable’s card reader with their individual RFID card and then switch on all released sources.

Is there a possibility to see and test the interactive situation table live?

In the control room simulator of JST in Buxtehude, interested parties can discover the various possible applications of the TacticTable. The control room experts will not only be happy to demonstrate the use of the new interactive control station solution on site, you can also “take the helm” yourself. Take advantage of the opportunity to connect and operate your own applications. Discover for yourself the difference performance & flexibility can make in a crisis or meeting situation.

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