OPAL X11 – Acoustic ceiling sail effectively reduces the noise level in your control room

The creative and practical solution for optimizing sound levels and lighting in your control room – aesthetic and effective! Design your Work-Lounge of tomorrow today!


OPAL X11: Convincing advantages of the new acoustic ceiling sail from JST

Low installation effort and manageable costs

Insulation material with absorption coefficient of αw 0.98, i.e. 98 percent of speech sound is absorbed

Flexible design options according to individual specifications

Integrated HCL lighting (Human Centric Lighting) increases concentration and performance by changing the color temperature

Developed based on occupational-medical specifications for shift operation in control rooms

Insertion of visual and acoustic Alarm systems (also Third Party Systems)

Good reasons that support the new JST ceiling sail for noise reduction:

Spacious and clearly structured premises with a clean atmosphere – the classic image of a modern control room. What problems does this reality bring with it? An unpleasant noise level and an uncomfortable working atmosphere. “OPAL X11” is a complete acoustic sail with innovative extras that offers an exciting alternative to the expensive acoustic ceiling in the control room. Even in already installed acoustic ceilings, the sound level can be reduced.


Developed by experts

The “Operator Acoustics Light – OPAL X11” was developed by the control room specialists in close cooperation with experts in room acoustics and lighting design. A ceiling sail that is spatially adapted to the operator’s console and is convincing in several respects.


Optimal for shift work in control rooms thanks to integrated light source (HCL)

The OPAL X11 ceiling sail with LED not only offers the advantage of effectively reducing the noise level. An integrated HCL light source (Human Centric Lighting), i.e. lighting that takes into account the visual, emotional and biological effects of light, whose color values influence concentration and performance, makes this system particularly unique for shift operation in control rooms.

OPAL X11 – Acoustic ceiling sail for your control room

Know what’s coming: Thanks to professional software, the efficiency of the Operator Acoustics Light can be determined before installation. In this way it is possible to determine in advance what improvements will be achieved in room acoustics, i.e. how high the absorption will be before and after the installation of the ceiling sail.


Coupled with myGUI® and AlarmLight

Another benefit of the system: the OPAL X11 ceiling sail with LED is coupled with the JST myGUI®. This means that in the event of an event, the integrated AlarmLight lights up or flashes according to the desired presetting. The operator is not only visually alerted to an event, but also via an integrated audio component.


Integrated audio system

The OPAL X11 ceiling sail adds significant value to the operator’s workplace. In addition to the sound absorption and the individually adjustable adjustment of the lighting, the element convinces with a further plus: The integrated audio system can be controlled both via the myGUI® cabling and optionally via Bluetooth.

Experience the acoustic ceiling sail OPAL X11

Impressive response – the first operators have now been able to test the OPAL ceiling sail live in everyday control room use. Their convincing feedback: “The sails are not only a visual highlight, they create a perfect room atmosphere, glare-free light and optimal acoustics.”

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Why does an acoustic ceiling sail improve the working atmosphere in the control room?

If the working environment is well designed, it makes a significant contribution to ensuring that the employees in the control room can work and communicate undisturbed and with concentration. Unfortunately, the acoustics in the control room leave something to be desired due to the architectural conditions. High ceilings, a modern interior with smooth surfaces also contribute to this. Often it is also not possible to install an acoustic ceiling – apart from the enormous costs that can be incurred.

Harmonized room acoustics promote productivity, job satisfaction and well-being in the control center. It is an important factor for motivation and the targeted reaction to alarm events. Disturbing and loud noises inhibit concentration and performance and can even have an impact on the health of employees. And it is the health of your employees that we at JST pay special attention to. It is therefore important to create room acoustics that ensure both communication with each other and concentration on the work. Good room acoustics and a sophisticated room design are not mutually exclusive. Our new OPAL X11 ceiling canopy can be flexibly integrated into an existing room concept or, if desired, create a visual effect. The ceiling sail with LED for control rooms provides unique good sound absorption and enhances every workplace enormously.

What is Human Centric Lighting and what effects does it have?

Our acoustic ceiling sail OPAL X11 is equipped with Human Centric Lighting (HCL). HCL is a lighting concept for interiors that is geared towards people and their biorhythms. Thus, in addition to brightness, the emotional and non-visual effects of light have an influence on people. With HCL we can simulate the adjustment of the lighting according to the natural course of daylight, which has a positive effect on the employees especially in shift operation. In addition to illuminance, the changing color temperature of the light is particularly important. With Human Centric Lighting, we adjust the color spectrum of the light throughout the day as with natural light, from high blue components in the morning hours to the complete absence of blue components in the evening hours. The changing light thus has a direct effect via the eyes on the synchronization of the biological clock and the release of the sleep hormone melatonin from the pineal gland. So during the shift, the employees are awake and productive due to the cool light. At the end of the shift the natural melatonin release is stimulated and the employee is able to go to sleep and recover more quickly.

How do I know whether the OPAL X11 acoustic panel will ultimately have the desired effect and really improve the room acoustics in our control room?

We understand your concerns. This is why the efficiency of our acoustic panels can be calculated in advance using professional software. This means that you do not buy a “pig in a poke” from us, but know exactly how the room acoustics will improve in detail after the installation of the sound absorber in your control room or control desk.