JST technical data sheets: Product overview

JST product overview

The summary of our products in a compact PDF. Here you will find the most important information condensed into a few pages.


MultiConsoling® - the operator`s hand

Your real-time control center to connect computer, camera, TV signals etc. with monitors at the operator workstation, monitor walls or (decentralized) crisis rooms.

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JST product overview - Teaser EN

JST Product Overview

The overview of our products in a compact PDF. Here you get the most important information compressed on a few pages.

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StratosX11 control room special furniture

The professional, modular, robust solution for furnishing your control center, control room and control station. Ready for demanding shift work tasks that no conventional desk can handle.

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Monitor walls with seamless 24/7 LC displays and alarm function. The JST-DisplayWalls are event-controlled: the operator refers to them as “TeamView” because the team has the same level of knowledge about the most important alarms.

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JST technical data cover sheet: Operator chairs RECARO controller

Operator chairs for 24/7 use in the control room

RECARO 24 and CONTROLLER 24 V2 – operator chairs that adapt to you. Ideal for 24-hour operation in control rooms and control stations.

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