Management of JST

Florian Rinck

It quickly became clear to me: Jungmann Systemtechnik is excellently positioned in the control room market, but also offers interesting potential for sustainable and profitable growth.

After just a few weeks as a “newcomer” at the top of the company, I noticed two characteristics in particular: On the one hand, there is the really very good team that has found and developed itself over the years. In addition, there is an impressive product portfolio that clearly stands out from the mainstream in the market and at the same time offers great development options.

On this basis, I take a simple but not easy approach: as a manager, I focus on “What are the strengths of the company and the team?” This is where I want to hook in. I want to drive this strength in an evolutionary way. The focus of my business activities is fundamentally on the existing strengths of the company and the team – not on eliminating existing weaknesses.

JST Geschäftsführer Florian Rinck

For example, I want to give us a much broader base, also in an international context. This applies not only to products, but in particular to the service aspect. Service quality is ultimately the key to success. We have constantly to adapt our activities to the processes that are developing on the customer side.

Basically, JST is strongly oriented towards the requirements that customers present to us. Most of the innovations here come about through direct discussion, through very intensive analysis of customer requirements and customer benefits. This is an extremely good approach that we will definitely continue in the future.

Apart from all the professional prospects that come with being CEO of JST, there is also a private reason that gives this position a special plus, “the cherry on the cake” so to speak: I can turn my back on a long period of commuting. I now combine career and family by moving close to my home base in Hamburg, where I live with my wife and three children.

The focus of my business activities is fundamentally on the existing strengths of the company and the team - not on eliminating existing weaknesses.

Stephan Wiese

I was gripped by the enthusiasm for control rooms when I dived into the world of JST in 2009. And to this day, this passion has not let me go. A thirst for technical knowledge and curiosity, coupled with solid commercial qualifications and a tendency towards unconventional solutions and philanthropy – with this colorful praline box of qualities, I was able to win over the then managing director duo Kay and Carsten.

In the years at JST, I got to know and helped shape all sectors of the company with their complex interrelationships. From the initial role as a commercial employee in the accounting department, to the position of site manager, to authorized signatory, I was finally appointed managing director.

JST Geschäftsführer Stephan Wiese

Our current management duo is characterized by different strengths and complements each other excellently. My focus is just as much on the continuous crisis-proof growth of the company as on establishing it on the international market. The linchpin for the development of new business strategies is controlling, a special field to which I devote dedicated attention.

Another major focus is compliance issues – from data protection to sustainability. The constant optimization of our processes is a particularly important concern for me. My declared target: to perfect the framework conditions of control room realization as best as possible for our customers and our team.

I hope that my colleagues mean it only jokingly when they put the stamp of the “chief bureaucrat” on me. Each of them knows that my door is always open for a friendly but also for a critical discussion. Purposefully promoting the individual’s interests – that’s what matters in order to create the right foundation for commitment and enthusiasm. A group of colleagues who stand by each other as a team, who enjoy their professional tasks and who also take the new crew members of our “spaceship” by the hand on our growth course – that is my mission and the most important basis for a successful company.

Like a spark the fire - that's how I want to ignite enthusiasm among employees and business partners for our company and our products.