The emergency control center - the central heart of emergency call reception for the police, fire brigade and ambulance service

Anyone who dials an emergency number will end up at the nearest emergency control center of the police, fire brigade or ambulance service. This is where residents can receive rapid assistance around the clock in emergency situations. Specially trained employees work in emergency control centers. Safety and proper functioning of the systems is the top priority here. Monitor walls, ergonomic control room furniture and our MultiConsoling control system make work much easier for everyone involved. Professional software tools, such as PixelDetection®, make workflows highly efficient. We are happy to advise you at the highest standard personally and also have proven solutions for optimising or redesigning your emergency control center.

Modernising emergency control centres with JST Jungmann
Hamburg Police Headquarters
  • Planning emergency control centers with architecture, technology, light, acoustics, climate planning
  • MultiConsoling® as a real-time control center for 24/7 operation
  • Fewer keyboards and mice on the operator desks
  • Ergonomic control room furniture "Made in Germany"
  • Coherent spatial planning for ideal workflow between all employees
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Practical examples: Emergency control center setup

In emergency control centers, quick reactions from employees are absolutely essential. When an emergency call comes in, all the details of the person seeking help are recorded directly and entered into the system. The computer verifies the plausibility of the details and supports the officers in evaluating the necessary deployment. In order to dependably guarantee the reliability of the input systems and direct operation, it is usually necessary to optimise or reinstall the outdated control center for emergencies. We place a special focus on this. Our systems stand for reliability and availability. Also, or especially, in 24/7 operation. Feel free to have a look at our references. Whether for police, fire brigade or ambulance service – perhaps you will find a project that closely matches your requirements!

We will be happy to put you in touch with the appropriate contact person.

New traffic control center is the core of the metro system

“We have proven that Berlin construction projects can be completed on time and without increasing costs,” says Antje Michalak, responsible for the “Control Centers 2014+” project of Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe, which includes the new operations control center for the underground railway (BLU). Jungmann Systemtechnik also contributed to this new building project with a total budget of 8.9 million euros. 170 employees control the train traffic around the clock from the core of the metro system in Lichtenberg.

JST References - Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe: Project Manager happy with JST's work
"We've built a perfect control center here."

Lars Kramer (left) / Antje Michalak / Matthias Borgwald (right)

Sub-Project Manager IT Engineering / General Project Manager / Sub-Network Manager

Modernisation of traffic control center at Hamburg Police Headquarters

Greater safety on Hamburg’s roads and better traffic flow on the routes of the Hanseatic city – two declared goals that will be achieved with the new, ultra-modern traffic control center at the police headquarters in Alsterdorf. The technical prerequisites were met thanks to the professional support of the general contractor SWARCO TRAFFIC SYSTEMS GmbH and Jungmann Systemtechnik – acting as subcontractor of SWARCO.

JST - Traffic Control Centre Hamburg. Police Commissioner Jürgen Otten
Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, he is able to join his colleagues on virtual patrols of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg via the Cube large display wall:

Jürgen Otten

Police Commissioner

JST creates "technical luxury class" with Fleet Operations Center

Discover a new world every day, new people, new countries and in between always find time to relax on board a cruise ship. To make holiday dreams come true on the ships of the AIDA and Costa fleet, a highly qualified team of nautical experts watches over the 25 ships of the Costa Group in the background. A Marine Operations Unit with a central Fleet Operations Center (FOC) was created in Hamburg under the name “Carnival Maritime.” Jungmann Systemtechnik provided support in setting up the FOC.

Avatar M
"We needed someone who really knew their way around, was well versed in the field and was able to implement our project within a very short time. We also liked the design."

Michael Salzmann

Senior Superintendent of the FOC

JST product overview: Think of everything!

JST-solutions and components. Control-room-drawing

Set up an emergency control center with the appropriate components

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What should you consider if you want to contract a service provider for emergency control centers?

Are you planning to optimise or redesign an emergency control center for police, fire brigade or other emergency services? Has working with the old technology overworked the employees and is reliable operation almost impossible? Are you looking for a service partner who is specialised in the field of control centers? Is the perfect emergency control center more important to you than a cheap solution? Then take a look at our planning packages for analysing and planning a control center. You can use our free online analysis for some initial feedback on the overall situation at your site. We will be happy to determine the potential for improvement and show you the various ways in which you can make ideal use of your existing resources.

When you request a quote for a new emergency control center, make sure you pay attention to these points:

  • Ergonomics: Conventional office furniture is affordable, but not suitable for 24/7 use. A standard desk is less stable and not as durable as high-quality control center desks. Moreover, special guidelines have to be fulfilled in control centers, which require the use of real control center desks. Do not underestimate the benefits that appropriate control room furniture can provide towards a good working atmosphere.
  • Operation: The central focus is always the optimal operation of the systems. Our large-screen control system with MultiConsoling® is at the heart of your emergency control center. With this proactive real-time control center, computer, camera, TV signals etc. can be connected to monitors at the operator’s workstation, monitor walls or (distributed) crisis rooms. This ensures that the entire team always on the same page about the most important alarms and nothing gets overlooked. The individual workstations remain tidy with only one keyboard, one mouse and a few required monitors.
  • Software: We develop the perfect software for maximum performance in emergency control centers. One of them is PixelDetection®. The program helps when a number of monitoring displays are superimposed on a single workstation. PixelDetection® displays precisely the right alarm at the right moment. This ensures that every employee always has everything in view.
  • Design: Everyone enjoys working in a tidy and comfortable workplace. Beautifully designed control room furniture made of materials that are pleasant to the touch, subtle colour accents that match the company design, integrated cable ducts for better organisation. These are just a few of the points we pay attention to.

We are happy to answer any questions you have regarding the modernisation of emergency control centers

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