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Modernisation of traffic control center at Hamburg police headquarters

Greater safety on Hamburg’s roads and better traffic flow on the routes of the Hanseatic city – two declared goals that will be achieved with the new, ultra-modern traffic control center at the police headquarters in Alsterdorf. With the professional support of the general contractor SWARCO TRAFFIC SYSTEMS GmbH and JST – Jungmann Systemtechnik® – used as subcontractor of SWARCO – the technical prerequisites were created.

While many European metropolises are threatened by traffic gridlock, Hamburg is taking specific measures to counteract this development. State-of-the-art traffic computers, operating devices and control units for traffic management tasks are supplemented by traffic television systems with a total of 82 cameras, digital radio and traffic warning service.

Whether triggering height control in the Elbe tunnel, collisions on the main access roads or traffic jam reports – the operators in the new Hamburg traffic control center (VLZ) keep a close eye on traffic in the Hanseatic city. On a JST large display wall consisting of 24 LED cubes, VLZ employees zoom directly into the action. “The presentation options and flexible display of information are really the bang,” Gerhard Schulz, responsible for IT operations at VLZ, puts it bluntly.

JST Police  Hamburg - Traffic control centre before modernisation JST Police Hamburg - Traffic control centre after modernisation

Traffic control center after modernisation / before modernisation

Whereas in the past, the traffic lights of the Hanseatic city were displayed on a painted map of the city, which was peppered with holes for light-emitting diodes, today, thanks to new technology and camera images that can be switched on and off at will, it is possible to take virtual tours on the large display wall . With JST-MultiConsoling®, employees have the option of displaying any camera image on the individual workstation monitors at any time. “In the past, places had to be changed constantly to complete various tasks,” recalls Gerhard Schulz.

The expert attaches similar importance to the progress made in workplace ergonomics. Height-adjustable JST worktablesand monitors would represent a “true quantum leap” compared to the past. Not least because of the JSTcomputer outsourcing in a special technical room and the associated avoidance of noise and heat sources within the traffic control center, Gerhard Schulz also speaks on behalf of the 21 VLZ employees when he says: “We are all highly satisfied. The result is really excellent and fully meets our requirements”.

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