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Mission control center with modern equipment and IT solution

Some see it as a hub of video observation at the light rail stops. Others see it as a central hub for coordination around passenger protection. Correct is: The new command and control center of protec service GmbH from Hanover is the heart of security in public transport in the capital of Lower Saxony. With the support of JST’s control room experts, the security service provider protec has implemented a control center with modern equipment and IT solution in the city center, which visually and technically represents a real quantum leap over the former facility from the turn of the millennium. Protec is a subsidiary of ÜSTRA Hannoversche Verkehrsbetriebe AG, which transports more than half a million passengers through the metropolis every day.

A group of three apparently drunk men harassed passengers at a stop near the main station. So far it remains with verbal attacks. Nevertheless, it is a frightening situation for the passers-by who are on the road on this late Friday evening. The employees on duty in the protec operations control center follow the process via the installed cameras. A patrol of two security employees is located in the immediate vicinity and is called in via telephone contact. The security personnel are quickly on site, can calm down the troublemakers and defuse the situation even without police intervention.

Command and control center guarantees perfect coordination

Whether video surveillance in the stations of the light rail system, deployment of patrol staff or ticket inspectors, object protection or cleaning services in infrastructure facilities and public transport vehicles – the range of tasks of the various protec teams is diverse and must be perfectly organised. All the more important that the heart of the security service provider beats in a constant rhythm: the operations control center.

Continuous growth demands change

Managing Director Mathias Lindscheid looks back: “The company and thus the requirements have grown continuously over the years. Our old control center was simply no longer up to date. You could say that life has overtaken us. At the end of the day, our 80 square meters of space were no longer optimally equipped to meet the daily challenges of the security sector”. The solution: a completely new company location with a new operations control center. The solution: a completely new company location with a new operations control center.

Three requirement packages for a modern monitoring solution

Three packages were completed.. With a modern video wall , control room furniture and a flexible KVM Solution the way for the future should be paved. The intensive market analysis of the protec experts also included a visit to the control room simulator of Jungmann Systemtechnik. “Theory could be experienced here very quickly. After an informative workshop, we went home very interested and enthusiastic about such solutions,” recalls Mathias Lindscheid.

Power and performance have convinced

Within the scope of a tender, the JST experts finally won the security service provider over. Mathias Lindscheid: “The performance and power of the components could be displayed in a solution-oriented way. That convinced us.” In particular, the protec Managing Director praises the constructive dialogues with Jungmann consultant Volker Weimer: “Competent advice and great commitment – Mr. Weimer manages to explain JST’s products to his counterpart in a way that is understandable and suitable for the field and also to clarify detailed questions.

JST reference protec service GmbH - Mission control center before modernization jst-reference-protec-operation control center-after-modernization

protec service GmbH – Mission control center before and after modernization

Employees benefit from new control room solutions

There has also been a positive response from the staff of the security specialists. In the new control center, operators today benefit from ambitious IT solutions with state-of-the-art large-screen technology and their flexible control via the JST MultiConsoling®. Innovative software products support the team with their daily requirements – such as the proactive alarm system PixelDetection®, the software JST CockpitView® for optimized data visualization via a dashboard organizer or the possibility to process alarms quickly and securely with the solution ControlRoom-Automation .

"The whole process was like a red thread"

Fast reaction and absolute security are a priority for protec. For this reason, the new control center is supported by a Service-Level-Agreement (SLA) . The JST experts guarantee highest availability via remote support or direct on-site intervention. “This is going really well. All inquiries are processed immediately,” says protec employee Andreas Mißner, responsible for IT and infrastructure, among other things. His feedback: “The whole process was like a red thread – from the preparatory work to the aftercare – a perfect all-round carefree package. Managing Director Mathias Lindscheid also agrees: “Great products, great service and at every stage of the cooperation we encountered a very friendly team from JST”.

On-site analysis from the helicopter perspective

The famous blinkers, the much-described tunnel vision – what is meant is quite simply a situation that is familiar to anyone who has to perform similar tasks day in, day out: Many processes could be optimized and workflows made easier if certain adjustments were made.

During a job shadowing, JST consultant Volker Weimer took a look behind the scenes of the protec workflows. He scrutinized the workflow and regulations, evaluated established mechanisms and held employee interviews. “That was an exciting task,” says the control room expert, “this view from the helicopter perspective can be very helpful.

Protec Managing Director Mathias Lindscheid agrees: “The structures in the company were characterized by the fact that the same people have been doing the same work for years. One quickly comes to the conclusion that there is only one way. I wanted to question this, give the employees a sparring partner and an opportunity for discussions.

Lindscheid considers the results of the visit, which are available as a written report, not only as an “important step” in the planning of the new mission control center. I wanted to question this, give the employees a sparring partner and an opportunity for discussions.

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