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Update for technology and optics in the monitoring control center

“Larger, more attractive, cooler” – with a sequence of meaningful comparisons Marius Förster sums up the advantages of the new s.Oliver control room. After the company had already placed the installation of its new control station in the hands of JST – Jungmann Systemtechnik® in 2013, they have now placed their trust in the JST experts again. In a second step, the update at the company headquarters in Rottendorf was also transferred back to the Jungmann team. “A perfect indicator for the satisfaction of our customers,” says JST Managing Director Carsten Jungmann, delighted with this new project at the fashion and lifestyle company. Proactive Software, ergonomic furniture and an intuitive control system of the workstations and the large screen wall provide optimal conditions for monitoring s.Oliver Services in the control room.

“With the new control center we are optimally equipped for the future”, Marius Förster is sure. The manager of the operative IT department at s.Oliver had clear goals that were to be realized with the expansion of the control center.

JST - s.Oliver: modern control station with display wall

JST control room: View into the s.Oliver control center after optimization. The large screen wall was supplemented by two additional displays.
In addition, the new projection screen cladding not only offers optical advantages, heat and noise are now significantly reduced in the control room.

Request: more large screen displays for increasing number of services

A constantly increasing number of services must be provided in monitoring. In order to maintain a permanent overview here, the large screen wall, which was previously equipped with four displays, was to be supplemented by two additional monitors. Marius Förster has clear ideas for the use: “The main dashboard is supposed to be constantly shown on four displays. Two additional demand monitors can then be used according to the current situation”.

Room-in-room concept solves heat problem

In this context, it was already clear to the person responsible for the control room during the planning stage: “We will have a problem with the heat there”. For the JST specialists, this is a topic that leads to challenges in many control rooms. The ideal solution: Behind a special cladding of the large screen wall, a room within a room with outsourced computers was created. Heat and noise emissions are therefore no longer an issue.

JST - s.Oliver: display wall with six times 46" display and event-controlled ambient light alarm

JST large screen wall: Directly next to the displays on the large screen wall is a door that provides access to the newly created room-in-room – a special JST solution that keeps heat and noise away from the control room.

Comfortable and user-friendly control

With a second upgrade, the operators of the s.Oliver control station have now also created perfect working conditions with regard to the operating software: Thanks to the JST-MultiConsoling®, rigid, cumbersome switching or even changing of workstations is now a thing of the past. All workstations and the large screen wall can now be conveniently controlled and operated via the myGUI software.

JST - s.Oliver: workstation monitors with myGUI software to control the large screen technology

JST MultiConsoling®: The monitor displays the myGUI user interface for the MultiConsoling®. Good to recognize: Whereas previously only one console was used per workstation, thanks to the positive experience with the innovative JST technology, this has now been increased to a total of three consoles per workstation, i.e. each screen in the s.Oliver control center now runs via MulitConsoling®.

Intuitive operation - only one mouse and keyboard for many monitors

“This mouse-hopping concept completely meets our requirements,” sums up Marius Förster. With MouseHopping, the mouse and keyboard are automatically switched to the workstation monitors or large screen displays and thus to the corresponding computers when the mouse is moved. Switching is now quick and intuitive, as there is no longer any need for complicated hotkey entries.

Proactive software provides for alarm detection

Marius Förster also points out the advantages of the proactive JST Monitoring Software PixelDetection®: “Especially when the control center is occupied by only a few employees, the red flashing warnings via the ambient light provide a quick overview – no alarm can be overlooked”.

More about s.Oliver

Today s.Oliver is one of the leading fashion and lifestyle companies in Europe. Nine product lines are implemented by various design teams in twelve collections per year. The company runs a total of 289 of its own stores, 412 stores together with partners and is represented in 3,108 shop-in-shops and 3,876 areas. Internationally s.Oliver is available in over 30 countries. More than 7,400 people are employed worldwide, of which approx. 5,200 in Germany.

In 1969, company founder and owner Bernd Freier opened his first store under the name “Sir Oliver” at Herrnstraße 5 in Würzburg. The name “Sir Oliver” was chosen after the novel hero Oliver Twist and was later changed to s.Oliver. On 27 April 1979, the mark was registered at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office in Munich. 2014 s.Oliver could look back on a successful 45-year company history.

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