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ICT experts use JST know-how for Network Operations Center

An international network, in-depth ICT (Information and Communication Technology) know-how and IT specialists who, with their practical solutions, have an eye on a market that is constantly changing – in the sign of the digital transition, Axians supports their customers in complex transformation processes. In order to fulfill this requirement even more efficiently, Axians has moved into a new domicile in Hamburg. With the support of the control room professionals from JST – Jungmann Systemtechnik®, a NOC (Network Operations Center) was implemented there.

As the saying goes, “In life, you always see each other twice” – or even a third time. At any rate, this is true for Oliver Schnau, who has already realized the third control room in cooperation with the JST team. “When the name JST came up in the context of plans for the new NOC, it immediately “clicked” with me,” recalls the Axians Head of Service.

"Two projects, twice very good experiences"

The first meeting with the control room experts was more than 20 years ago, but Oliver Schnau has not forgotten: “Two projects, twice very good experiences! There were no reservations on my part.” So he was particularly interested in what has happened on the market? How has Jungmann Systemtechnik developed over the past decades?

Convincing workshop - helpful and smart

The workshop in JST’s control room simulator was a really positive surprise for the experienced IT specialist: “We looked at all the options available for our Network Operations Center there. During the workshop, we were able to try everything out and determine: What makes sense? In this way, many good approaches developed, which eventually became a convincing concept.” Oliver Schnau: “That was both helpful and very smart.”

Video Wall as a new team player for the NOC

Among other things, the ICT experts opted for a new team player in their control center: the video wall. The lcd displays provide information for the entire team, offer event-controlled alerting options and can be operated intuitively in real time thanks to innovative control technology via JST MultiConsoling®.

JST AXIANS Networks & Solutions: Kontrollraum vor dem Umbau JST AXIANS Networks & Solutions: Kontrollraum nach dem Umbau

Control room before and after renovation

VM access: convenient and scalable

Oliver Schnau also mentions another advantage of using MultiConsoling®: In combination with the system, the JST GrabberVM® were installed at the same time. “This allows us to access our virtual applications very conveniently. In addition, supplements and changes that we are constantly confronted with here can be adapted very easily. A real advantage that makes the whole thing fast, convenient and particularly efficient.

"Head of Service: I think that's great!"

Looking back on the third project he realized together with JST, Oliver Schnau also draws an all-around positive balance: “At JST, it’s plain and simple “where we are is up front and let’s go” – I think that’s great! We were really taken by the hand and guided through the project.” The Head of Service in the Axians NOC has an apt explanation for the smooth process: “There were clear requirements placed on us to be able to use the advantages and benefits. When you get into it, you realize that it makes the project run very straight and time-optimized, with no stumbling blocks.”

Interactive panoramic tour through the Network Operations Center

Experience an interactive panoramic tour through the Network Operations Center of Axians Networks & Solutions GmbH in Hamburg.
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