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Energy supplier creates new working environment in its network control center

Electricity, natural gas, drinking water – these are the three main pillars of GEW Wilhelmshaven GmbH. To ensure security of supply for private and corporate customers in Jade Town 24/7, the company has upgraded the location where all the threads come together: Not only has the network control center received a visual facelift, but there has also been an extensive upgrade of the “inner values”. Together with the control room professionals from JST, the heart of the energy supplier was brought up to date in terms of technology and ergonomics.

“At the very beginning, all we really wanted was to have a new carpet laid,” remembers Nils Burzinski, property and building management officer at GEW. But once the view of the company’s network control center had been sharpened, it soon became clear that there was much more to do than just replace a floor covering.

"Many open projects" addressed at the same time

Cluttered columns of screens, combined with a multitude of mice and keyboards, one operator who has to slide from place to place to operate the various systems and, to top it all off, humming computers right at the workplace. Nils Burzinski: “In terms of ergonomics, there were many open construction sites.

Apropos “construction site”: The old control center was completely gutted. Together with JST, the energy supplier has developed a concept that includes ergonomic furniture as well as modern visualisation options and innovative technical architecture.

Complete solution for control room needed

“Our aim was to achieve an improved overview in the network control station and to simplify the operation of the systems. At the same time, we also wanted to create space and freedom on the work tables,” explains Frank Czieslik, head of the Networks division and thus responsible for the entire technical infrastructure. “We wanted more than just an architect to help us with the restructuring process. We were looking for someone who could offer the complete control room range”, Nils Burzinski sums it up.

Overall concept realised hand in hand

After intensive research the choice finally fell on Jungmann Systemtechnik. And during a workshop day in JST’s control room simulator it quickly became clear: hand in hand with the right partner, the desired control center can be realised in an overall concept. Christoph Michael, responsible for the operation of the GEW network control center: “The equipment in the control room simulator showed us what is possible. The entire day there was super structured. You immediately realised that you were dealing with professionals who know exactly what they are doing.

JST reference: GEW Wilhelmshaven network control centre before modernisation JST reference: GEW Wilhelmshaven network control centre after modernisation

Network control center before and after modernisation

Employees support the new course

Not only the planning team of the energy supplier from Wilhelmshaven was quickly convinced by the JST solutions. The employees who were involved in the new concept from the very beginning also support the new course at the group control center. Ergonomic furniture from a German quality manufactory is complemented by state-of-the-art visualisation techniques. A DisplayWall ensures a perfect overview and, for example, makes it possible to keep an eye on large network areas in the event of a fault thanks to the BigPicture function.

Maximum data security through outsourcing

Control center manager Christoph Michael sees the options that JST MultiConsoling® offers his team as a particular advantage For example, this technology was used to outsource the workstations to an external server room. Positive effect: maximum data security in the control center belonging to the Critical infrastructures (CI). In addition, this measure significantly reduced noise and heat pollution within the network control center.

Clean-Desk-Principle was realised

Further benefits of MultiConsoling®: gone are the days of constantly changing places, of keyboard and mouse clutter. With only one mouse-keyboard combination, all desired systems of the energy supplier can be switched on any workplace display or on the large display wall.

"All our set goals" achieved

A single click is also required for many other individually selected scenarios. The CommandButton Box, which is directly integrated into the OperatorDesks interface, makes it possible. For example, access to the control center can be controlled at the touch of a button. Cameras are activated and alarms are acknowledged. “Our colleagues confirm that everything works perfectly”, says Frank Czieslik. His summary after the first few months of operation of the new network control center: “With what we have created here, we have been able to achieve all the goals we set ourselves. The cooperation with JST was a well-rounded affair from the first moment to the commissioning”.

JST Consultant Dirk Lüders: “Together with the GEW team we created a complete room concept for the new control center. This included recommendations on acoustics, lighting and floors. Really a constructive collaboration and a great teamwork. The result is something to be proud of”.

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