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Multi-utility network control center with "enterprise" character

Comfortable heat, running water and, of course, electricity – always and everywhere available. What is as self-evident as it is indispensable for the consumer requires a whole series of complex control processes, for which hundreds of control rooms with constantly growing tasks and areas of responsibility are responsible throughout Germany. This also applies to the Lübeck network control center of TraveNetz GmbH in the far north of the republic. In the classic multi-utility network control center, the requirements of the future as part of Germany’s critical infrastructure are met with calm anticipation. In cooperation with the control room specialists from JST – Jungmann Systemtechnik®, an installation was realized there that the employees are proud to call “the most modern network control center in Schleswig-Holstein”.

“You feel like you’re on the starship Enterprise” – that’s what he hears again and again from people who see the TraveNetz multi-utility network control center for the first time, reports Detlef Zuhl, who is responsible for the network control center and the cooperation with the JST experts. Behind the convincing appearance of the system is a well thought-out technical concept that is clearly geared to the individual needs on site.

Old control center had reached "retirement age

“When you get right down to it, our old network control center was well over 20 years old,” says Detlef Zuhl, “after all, we work 24/7 rotating shifts, which amounts to a useful life of more than 60 years.” If the increased demands on monitoring activities and the expanded area of responsibility due to Lübeck’s surrounding municipalities are also taken into account, the conclusion is obvious: it is high time for extensive modernization.

JST network control station Travenetz before reconstruction JST network control station Travenetz after reconstruction

The simulator from JST really impressed us

The first contact with Jungmann consultant Dirk Lüders came about through recommendations. A visit to JST’s control room simulator quickly followed. “What we experienced there really impressed us,” recalls Detlef Zuhl. “The fact that we were able to try out the technical applications ourselves was very helpful in the decision-making process. With the subsequent analysis and needs assessment, we were able to get a clear picture. We knew exactly what we needed and what costs to expect after the workshop.”

Each of the four workstations has a dedicated video wall

Workstation displays “stacked” on top of each other, a confusing jumble of mice and keyboards – these working conditions are a thing of the past in the new multi-utility network control center of TraveNetz GmbH. There are four workstations located in a semi-circular arrangement, each with their own large display wall, for process control and safe operation of the plants and networks in the electricity, gas, district heating and drinking water supply in Lübeck and the surrounding region. The ultra-slim frames of these video walls, each with four 46-inch displays, are perfect for large overviews – the so-called BigPicture mode.

Everything controllable with only one mouse and keyboard

Only one mouse and keyboard are required per workstation to control process control, office PCs, building technology, TRA computers and media connection. Thanks to the MultiConsoling® concept, all associated displays can be operated and all desired systems can be connected with just one console. Perfect orientation is provided by the display of the control room controls on JST CommandPads® integrated into the surfaces of the new Stratos operator consoles. Here, the intuitive myGUI® (GUI = Graphical User Interface) in the 3D layout of the control center makes operation child’s play.

Complete networking even in the crisis room

And users in the adjacent conference and crisis room also have direct access to all control center systems. With the AllMedia Conference System in combination with the MultiConsoling® technology, enables full networking with the control center. Here, too, a JST CommandPad® is available for control purposes. Furthermore, the conference table offers individually definable options for the integration of external information, for example by connecting notebooks, the data of which is made visible to all on a large display wall.

Maximum availability for the CI control center

This maximum flexibility is just as important to Detlef Zuhl as the particularly high availability. “In a network control center, we can’t say we’ll just wait a day for the processes to continue. Everything has to run smoothly,” says the project manager. As part of the critical infrastructure, Lübeck has therefore not only attached importance to redundant systems, but also to cooperation with a reliable partner. Detlef Zuhl: “It works really well with JST. We are very satisfied.”

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