Professional control center planning: JST offers you everything from 3D planning to implementation from a single source

Professional planning of a new control center? That is the passion of JST! We will plan your control center according to the latest ergonomic and technical factors. In our analysis, we take a detailed look at all components such as ergonomics, viewing distances and angles, hardware, software, infrastructure, adaptation of existing systems, network and optimal lighting. We also consider the optimisation of human communication, indoor climate and technical processes to be an important part of a professionally planned control center. We will present our control center design to you in a photo-realistic 3D view for an initial virtual tour.

Professional planning of control centres with JST Jungmann
  • Proven planning packages even for subareas
  • Architecture: control center/layout planning, escape routes, DIN EN50518
  • Ergonomics: Viewing distances, lighting, acoustics, resolutions
  • Technology: IT architecture, interfaces, rack planning, circuit diagram
  • Security: We plan in accordance with baua Study, BG, VBG
  • Free potential analysis
Chosen by leading companies and institutions

Practical examples: Professional control center planning

Planning your own control center professionally – JST has managed to fulfil this wish for many customers in the most remarkable ways. The experts at Jungmann Systemtechnik manage to impress their customers time and time again. We achieve this with innovative technology and interior fittings that are precisely matched to the architectural building design. Our reference reports give examples of projects in which JST was able to professionally plan the control center. You are welcome to have a look around.

We will be happy to put you in touch with the appropriate contact person.

With outstanding service for the new professionally planned control center

The requirement profile for the new IT control room was clearly defined from the outset: The company wanted a modern, forward-looking solution that would be compatible with an independent IT service provider with the latest data center in the south of Austria. For the new construction of its Service Operation Center (SOC), RAITEC GmbH has chosen Jungmann Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG (JST) as a high-performance partner for the new construction of its service operation center. The furniture as well as the hardware and software in the new SOC therefore all come from the same source.

They accompanied planning and implementation of the project from start to finish.

Martin Galli / Dietmar Schlar / Stefan Hermann (from left to right)

Team Leader Service Operation Center / Managing Director RAITEC GmbH / Head of Department Mainframe System Management and Application Control

Professionally planned: Update for technology and appearance in the monitoring control center

“Bigger, nicer, cooler” – in a series of informative comparatives, Marius Förster sums up the advantages of the new s.Oliver control room. Having already placed the installation of its new control room in the hands of Jungmann Systemtechnik in 2013, the company decided once again to place its trust in the JST experts. In a second step, the update at the company headquarters in Rottendorf was also handed back to the Jungmann team.

"With the new control room we are now optimally equipped for the future."

Marius Förster

Manager of the operational IT department

Professionally planned control center ensures modern working environment

“We provide the latest technology and optimum service” – RAITEC GmbH at the Linz site has remained true to this guiding principle when choosing a partner to equip its new control center. With technology and furniture from Jungmann Systemtechnik, the company has equipped itself perfectly for current and especially for future requirements.

"We wanted a modern, cutting-edge work environment, and that is exactly what we got."

Peter Gabauer

Head of Department Service Operation Center

JST GRZ Linz Arbeitsplätze im Kontrollraum mit Großbildwand

JST product overview: Think of everything!

JST-solutions and components. Control-room-drawing

Professional control center planning with the following components

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What modules does Jungmann offer concerning comprehensive and professional control center planning?

Project workshop:
Workshop for defining performance/targets and budget planning. Analysis of the actual situation, identification of optimisations and requirements.

Detailed planning:
Detailed planning of the entire control center in accordance with the above-mentioned service description. The services of the project workshop (kick-off meeting) are also included here.
Duration: 2 days, (optionally more).

Additional on-site consultation day:
Additional consulting day for detailed planning directly on site.

Coordination via online web meeting
With this innovative technology, you can coordinate circuit diagrams, room plans, technical details, preliminary results and more about the new control center online and in real time with our team. Almost as if we were at a conference table together.

What other planning extras does JST offer its customers?

If you are looking for something more than the professional planning package from JST, feel free to add extra optional titbits from our module menu.

JST provides a virtual tour of the new control center as a video sequence. Get to know every detail of the room here. This ensures that you are protected from any surprises and allows you to rule them out in advance.

Our photo-realistic 3D pictures create a realistic depth effect when viewed with special glasses. This enormously realistic view of your future control center is more than impressive. The photos from the service package for detailed planning provide the basis.

Our planning book, including the final detailed plans, has proven its worth in presenting and documenting the project to management, board members and others. This is where we clearly map out the entire project. Photo-realistic views. Circuit diagrams and much more are included.

Can we see a JST control room in action before we commission the professional planning of the control center?

Yes, it’s possible. And it is especially impressive in our control room simulator. Visiting our simulator is free of charge. There you will find the latest technology for control centers and equipment based on the best ergonomic know-how. Here you can see, touch and try everything out for yourself.

Discover our:

And we even go one step further by presenting you with exciting technology just like something out of the latest science fiction film: try out our HoloLens®. Control via speech and gestures is the feature of the future. JST is already deploying it. Make an appointment now. We looking forward to seeing you!

We are happy to answer your questions regarding the professional planning of control centers

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