Setting up an efficient control center - we are the specialists!

If you want to set up an efficient control center, then JST is the right contact.
We plan your new control center taking into consideration all specifications, guidelines and standards.
Our planning Know-how is always at the state-of-the-art technology.
And we offer even more: We guarantee you the perfect function of all interfaces in the control center even in writing!

When we set up an efficient control center for you, we select from all components the best for your project.
During our detailed planning or your control center we recommend the large screen technology with the most modern monitor walls.
From our Profi-Tools we tailor the perfect software package.
After completion of the project we are still there for you with maintenance and service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Control center setup with JST Jungmann
  • Analysis of your needs in a workshop day
  • Detailed concept for the establishment of a control center
  • Proactive monitor walls to shorten response times
  • Connection of crisis rooms and standby teams
  • Ergonomic control center furniture for professional furnishing

Chosen by leading companies and institutions

Practical examples: Set up control center

JST will guide you step by step to set up a powerful control center.
Our expert knowledge is particularly important for control centers of companies which are a “critical infrastructure” in the sense of the EU directives 2008/114/EC.
Here, our modern and networked environment poses special challenges for the complex technology.
The biggest threat is usually posed by criminal energy from outside in the form of attacks on the entire system.
This is where maximum protection is required! With a KRITIS control center from JST, you can detect such activities immediately and act quickly.

We will be happy to put you in touch with the respective contact person.

Newly established control center for InfraLeuna

“You concentrate on your core business, we design and develop the framework for your production.”
In keeping with this corporate philosophy, InfraLeuna GmbH – the operator of the infrastructure facilities at the Leuna chemical site – makes every effort to provide its customers at the Leuna chemical site with all the necessary services at reasonable prices and in high quality.
This also includes the realization of extensive modernization work.
This includes the installation of a new central control room.

JST References - InfraLeuna - Happy Project Managers
A gesture that says it all: the responsible project managers make a clear statement about the new central control room with their thumbs up.

Jochen Rösner / Mark Muschick / Eberhard Schoof (from left to right)

The responsible project managers

Spot landing with future-proof control room

Structural changes in the company, the optimization of workstations and a complete modernization of the control technology – three important requirements that were to be realized at the Reick location of DREWAG– Stadtwerke Dresden GmbH.
As a partner for accomplishing this mammoth task, the DREWAG managers decided in favor of the control room specialists from Jungmann Systemtechnik after a thorough market survey.
The result: “A control room that can really be described as a precision landing,” says Tino Kuhnke (Group Manager Generation, Control Room).

JST References - DREWAG control room employees are impressed by the new technology
In Dresden they are convinced of the new installation from JST: "We have a flexible and future-proof technology here".

Hartmut Hinz / Jens Meller / Andreas Rammer / Christian Helmholz (from left to right)



Newly established control center controls and monitors wind turbines worldwide

Whether weather data on a world map, detailed electrical circuit diagrams or various camera displays – with the new JST video wall, the employees of the Bremen control room of wpd windmanager Windenergieanlagen have a close eye on wind turbines around the globe.
As a specialist in the field of commercial and technical management of onshore and offshore wind farms, JST – Jungmann Systemtechnik has moved into completely new headquarters in Bremen, which also houses the control room and first level support with new equipment from JST – Jungmann Systemtechnik.

JST References - WPD Windmanager Bremen - Control Room - Marc Rosenkranz is happy
"The collaboration with JST went extremely well."

Marc Rosenkranz

Responsible for the management of the First Level Service and the new control room in Bremen

JST product overview: Think of everything!

JST-solutions and components. Control-room-drawing

Setting up the control center with suitable components

Was möchten Sie als Nächstes tun?

Ich möchte


What automation options are available for video walls and operator workstations?

For this JST uses the CommandBox.
It ensures the reliable reception and the rapid processing of almost every alarm.
Forwarding takes place directly and without loss of time to the monitor wall and to all workstations defined in advance.
All input signals are processed directly such as potential-free contacts, audio signals, TCP-IP traps, image data evaluation (via our PixelDetection® software).
The operator can directly activate perfectly pre-defined scenarios at his workstation with a single keystroke on the CommandPad.

  • Everything at a glance: The operator is reliably supported in monitoring by the JST technology
  • Act fast: Alarms are directly connected to workstations and monitor walls
  • Always safe: No important alarm is overlooked anymore
  • Strong team: All are immediately in the picture by switching to the large screen
  • Comprehensive: Nearly all input signals are processed
  • Specific: Even the most complex (alarm) scenarios are directly available

How can we connect and simultaneously monitor external systems from other locations?

The solution from JST in this case is ControlRoom-Remote.
Our systems based on MultiConsoling® make it all possible!
With Grabber IP and Grabber VM, we offer you a comprehensive and convenient connection of decentralized systems and locations.
With our solution, your operator can quickly and conveniently connect both local computers and remote systems.
The operation takes place via our graphical 3D interface “myGUI®”.
The intuitive control is done via mouse, CommandPad and with touch or voice commands.

  • Intuitive: Only one user interface in intuitive 3D design
  • Comprehensive: Backup scenarios of complete control rooms – no matter where
  • Individual: Easy connection of situation centers, crisis rooms, standby teams and more
  • Lightning fast: Fully automatic authentication

Is there a solution to simplify recurring and time-consuming login processes?

JST recognized this problem and developed a simple but extremely helpful software solution.
With our software “myLogin®” you get a revolutionary solution. With your badge you can log on/off centrally and without loss of time at all operator workstations.
From now on, the login/logout process on any device only takes a few moments.
If you wish, your personal arrangement of the screen contents will also be saved automatically and will be available for you exactly the same way the next time you log in.

  • No waiting time: Login and logout in seconds
  • Free-Seating: Personal screen contents are retained despite a change of workplace
  • Simple: No software necessary on your computers
  • Safe: Collection users and group accounts remain
  • Practical: Use the myLogin® user card or your corporate ID card
  • Logbook: Revision-proof evaluations of logon data can be output

We are happy to answer your questions about the installation of the control center

0800-777 8 666

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