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Proactively counteract disturbances with new control center

“Not only manage and correct errors, but also predict them” – this is the declared goal of Deutsche Windtechnik. In order to make this intention a reality, specialists from the wind energy industry have turned to JST experts. The result: A control center with technical possibilities for proactive error prediction and a facility,that meets the latest ergonomic requirements of modern control center workstations.

More than 2,700 wind turbines are currently serviced by Deutsche Windtechnik under maintenance contracts. In order to create the necessary technical and safety-relevant conditions for future projects, the team around project manager Lisa Niemann was looking for a strong partner. So the recommendation of a colleague from the industry, who operates a control center in Bremen with Jungmann products, came at just the right time. “We know our competitor’s control room and we really liked it,” recalls Kristian Petersen (Head of Technology).

Do not manage errors but act proactively

In initial discussions with the JST planners, it was clearly defined which requirements should be implemented: the integration of offshore wind farms and the monitoring of onshore wind turbines also outside Europe. The three-member project management team of Deutsche Windtechnik had clear ideas about what the future should look like. “We don’t just want to manage the information and wait until disturbances have already occurred. Our goal is to act proactively with regard to error prediction,” summarises project manager Torsten Wohlert.

JST-Deutsche Windtechnik: Desks with stand-sit height adjustment

JST furniture: Offer maximum comfort for any future-oriented control desk – back-friendly work desks. The height adjustment of the Stratos X11® OperatorDesk up to standing height allows for alternating postures and avoids damage to health.

The large display wall optimises work in the control center

The basis for this innovative mode of operation is a large display wallinstalled by JST: The new control room offers a panoramic view of the system data on eight 46-inch LC displays But not only the work of the 19-strong team of operators is optimised by the large-screen technology, “the projection screen, like the entire room itself, is also frequently visited by our customers,” reports Kristian Petersen, who receives a consistently positive response during these presentations.

JST-Deutsche Windtechnik: Screen with myGUI software for controlling MultiConsoling

JST MultiConsoling®: The myGUI – here shown on the left monitor – serves as a user interface for MultiConsoling®, with which it is possible to display any sources (computers, cameras, etc.) in real time on the workplace monitors, on individual large-screen displays or as BigPicture across several large-screen displays® .

Ergonomics play a decisive role

Because great importance was also attached to the equipment of the individual workstations: Ergonomics, for example, played a decisive role. Jungmann Systemtechnik – specialised in this field – was able to score here with the operator consoles of the Stratos series, which can be adjusted to standing height. At the same time, JST MultiConsoling®, a technology that enables convenient control of all workstations and the large-screen system, makes life easier for employees.

JST-Deutsche Windtechnik: perfect appearance in the new control centre

JST furniture: Professional design is also important in the visual design of JST furniture. The clear lines of the control station create a “tidy” and structured external appearance.

"The best we could do"

Already after the first months in the new control control center, the project management team is convinced: “The decision for the JST products was the best we could do”, says Kristian Petersen, who also puts the appreciative reactions of the control center staff into words.

More about the Deutsche Windtechnik AG

Deutsche Windtechnik with headquarters in Bremen offers the complete package for the technical maintenance of wind turbines from one source. This includes servicing and maintenance as well as security technology, remote data monitoring and a comprehensive range of services.

Around 700 people are employed in the ten headquarters and 74 service stations. 180 service vehicles are in operation to maintain the currently around 2,700 wind turbines. The company estimates that the turnover in 2014 will amount to 70 million Euros, for 2015 this sum is estimated to be around 95 million Euros.

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