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New central control center for InfraLeuna

“You concentrate on your core business, we design and develop the framework for your production.” With this company philosophy, InfraLeuna GmbH – the operator of the infrastructure facilities at the Leuna chemical site – makes every effort to provide its customers at the Leuna chemical site with all the necessary services at reasonable prices and in high quality. This also includes the realisation of extensive modernisation work. This includes the installation of a new central control center. InfraLeuna was supported in this construction project by specialists from JST – Jungmann Systemtechnik®.

JST - Infraleuna - Virtual 360°-Tower

A control center has rarely received so much attention in the press. Because German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel personally gave the starting signal for the official commissioning. Indeed, the impressive result of the cooperation between the JST experts and InfraLeuna’s specialists is truly impressive.

Chancellor gave the official starting signal

A modern measurement control room has been created in a former water tower, which enables the proactivecontrol of the operating facilities for energy and water supply and water disposal from a central location. InfraLeuna supplies the chemical firms on the site with energy and steam via a nationwide pipeline network. Whereas in the past, numerous decentralised control centers were responsible for monitoring and controlling the plants required for this, the company is now relying on the positive effects of a central control centeras an automation node for energy and water at the Leuna chemical site.

JST-InfraLeuna: Dr. Angela Merkel officially opens the new control centre

An unprecedented award in the history of JST: Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel symbolically handed over the control room to the users of InfraLeuna after her speech on the occasion of the ceremony “100 years of the Leuna chemical site”, here represented among others by Managing Director Dr. Christof Günther (left, standing)

"We operate on the open heart here"

During the implementation of this project, there were several challenges for the JST control room professionals. For example, the historic water tower, which houses the measurement control room, provides little daylight. The circular architecture of the building required special measures regarding the acoustics. And climate planning also proved to be an exciting task. In addition, InfraLeuna managing director Dr Christof Günther made it clear right at the start of the project: “Gentlemen, we are operating here on the open heart! So it was clear that all construction measures had to be carried out during ongoing operations.

JST-InfraLeuna: Implementation of 3D planning into reality

Thanks to the 3D planning commissioned in advance, those responsible for the control center were given an early idea of the subsequent realisation of the construction measures shown here.

Functional planning and concept have convinced

“We were able to convince with a functional planning, with a sophisticated air-conditioning, acoustics and lighting concept,” recalls JST Managing Director Carsten Jungmann. Photorealistic 3D designs visualised these plans. During a reference visit to the control center of JST customer Helmholtz center Berlin, the delegation from Leuna was also able to experience both the ergonomic and technical components of JST equipment in use.

JST-InfraLeuna: Large display wall and 3D monitor articulated arms for displays at the workplace

JST large-screen technology: One of a total of four large screens in the central control center; here consisting of eight 46″ displays with extra slim frames,which is also perfectly suited for the presentation of BigPictures (full-screen presentation via several displays). To be seen in the foreground: The height-adjustable 3D articulated arms allow a parabolic arrangement of the workstation monitors, thus offering the user an optimal field of view.

JST-Team delivers "elegant solution

In the meantime, the 50 or so employees who work at InfraLeuna around the central control center have gained initial experience with the new proactive control center. “Technology and handling are convincing. By using MultiConsoling KVM technology, we have found an elegant solution for our requirements,” reports Thomas Räcke, Head of the Energy and Water Division.

Functional planning and concept have convinced employees of technology and ergonomics

Thanks to the JST solution concepts, existing automation systems can now be used conveniently using modern technology . The area manager also mentions ergonomic optimisations for the employees through the new control center furniture and proactive large screens as well as the individually controllable lighting concept as special plus points of the new premises. His conclusion: “The new control center is not only really beautiful to look at but also extremely functional.

New central control center for InfraLeuna

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