JST GrabberVM®: the comfortable connection of virtual machines

Delay-free switching between virtuality and reality. JST GrabberVM® technology enables the convenient integration of virtual systems. While one monitor is occupied with the applications of a conventional PC, another receives the signals of the virtual machine.


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In the discipline of control room equipment, we are experiencing unprecedented challenges. New concepts and systems are in demand. In the JST development labs, standing still is a non-existent word. The launch of new solutions for highly efficient control rooms is imminent. Please be patient a little longer. The contents of this page are currently being prepared for you.

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What clients report about their experience with JST

Stadtwerke Steinburg GmbH, Itzehoe - René Quurk / Rolf Weihausen
“What was presented to us in the control room simulator made me a fan of the project from the start”
René Quurk (left) // Rolf Weihausen
Division Manager Network Management // Project Manager
JST Referenz Messwarte STORAG ETZEL: Projektleiter Holger Gerdes
A mosaic wall with which line paths and measured values were mapped – “that was no longer state of the art”. Today, the measuring station works with modern control room visualization and flexible control from JST – Jungmann Systemtechnik®.
Holger Gerdes
Head of Process Control Technology at STORAG ETZEL Service GmbH
JST Referenz - GETEC Schweiz
“We looked around the market. However, comparable systems could not keep up in terms of performance, intuitive interfaces or real-time mouse movements. The operator actually acts as if he had the physical client right in front of him and not the virtual environment of a plant miles away.”
Reno Schröder
Technical project manager
Arthur Gebhardt (links)  und Tibor Liptay
Give a “thumbs up” for the JST installation in the Swiss multi-client site – a gesture that could hardly be clearer. Conclusion: “This solution is not only extremely high-performance, but also very scalable.”
Arthur Gebhardt (left) // Tibor Liptay
Project Management (GETEC Switzerland) // General Planning (Addministra GmbH – Construction Management)

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Professional control center planning with the following components

JST Das große Praxisbuch der Kontrollräume

Guidebooks, checklists, practical examples, solutions and technical articles for the installation of control rooms, control stations and control centers

The great practical book of control rooms is free of charge for JST customers and interested parties.

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Having visions of the future is good. Experiencing is better! Visit the control room simulator, unique in Europe, where state-of-the-art technology and the latest ergonomic know-how are combined. The control room of the future. The special feature: Here you can touch everything and try it out for yourself.

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