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Municipal utility association sets standards with new network control center

It is one of the most modern installations of its kind in northern Germany: the new network control center of Stadtwerke Steinburg GmbH. Four municipal utilities have come together under the umbrella of the company: Brunsbüttel, Glückstadt, Itzehoe and Wilster. It took just six months – from planning to moving in – for the four utilities, in cooperation with the experts from JST – Jungmann Systemtechnik®, to put their new control center into operation.

Bundling technical and commercial tasks under one roof, exploiting synergy effects, for more efficient network operation, improved processes and more favorable conditions – these are some of the declared goals of Stadtwerke Steinburg. Around 79,000 households are supplied. Electricity, gas, water, district heating – the lifelines of the region have one hub: the network control center.

Modernization was consciously promoted

“Because we are one of the critical infrastructures, the topic of ‘network control center’ has become increasingly important in recent years due to the integration of new plants,” reports René Quurk, division manager for network management, “so we pushed ahead with a modernization of our control center.” Technology , which no longer met the growing demands and a furnishing that disregarded ergonomic principles, were among his points of criticism. Martin Krüger, head of the control center, shares a similar view: “We used to have a separate PC for each system. That meant we had to constantly log on again, often changing workstations. Efficiency looks different.”

"Right from the start fan of the project”

Together with teammates and project manager Rolf Weihausen, those responsible took a close look at the market, considered experiences from other control centers, and finally visited the control room simulator from Jungmann Systemtechnik. “What was presented to us there made me a fan of the project right from the start,” recalls René Quurk. “Together, we developed a concept specifically tailored to the needs of Stadtwerke Steinburg,” explains JST consultant Dirk Lüders, “keeping within budget and schedule were important aspects.”

Shown in practice the real benefits

Ergonomic control room consoles, a state-of-the-art DisplayWall and the intuitive MultiConsoling® control system pave the way to the future at the Steinburg network control center. “With MultiConsoling®, the formerly time-consuming operating steps are a thing of the past. Today, every operator uses just a single mouse/keyboard unit with which he can call up all applications anywhere – and thanks to MouseHopping, it is even possible to switch from the workstation screen to the large screen wall without any problems,” Martin Krüger reports from practical experience.

Stadtwerke Steinburg vor dem Umbau Stadtwerke Steinburg nach dem Umbau

Network control center before and after the renovation.

Systems of the network control center also in the crisis room

In the newly equipped crisis room, it is also possible during special situations or meetings to connect and operate the network control center systems on a separate video wall. The AllMedia Conference system offers direct access thanks to integrated MultiConsoling® technology. René Quurk: “This is extremely convenient and has the great advantage that work in the control center can continue without disruption.”

"All expectations fulfilled with star rating!"

“Trouble-free” is also the word Division Manager Quurk cites for working with the team at JST: “All expectations were fulfilled with a ‘star rating’. This was really a very nice project in every respect.”

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