Expand your measuring station with JST – Your investment will pay off quickly

Regardless of whether you want to expand individual areas of your measuring station or are considering a complete reconstruction: JST’s planning know-how for measuring station expansion is state-of-the-art. You decide whether we should make comprehensive changes or take action in subareas of the existing measuring station.

JST is known throughout Germany for its carefully thought-out solutions for expanding measuring station. We skilfully assemble the optimal components for your needs. Our ergonomic control room furniture provides support for the operator during their shift. At the same time, we focus on creating an appealing visual design: We are happy to build our surrounding furniture to match your corporate design.

Measuring Station Expansion with JST Jungmann
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  • We will coordinate our plans for expanding the measuring station on an individual basis.
  • We will make your measuring station fit for the future.
  • The expanded measuring station takes ergonomics and comfort into account.
  • We are happy to adapt new surrounding furniture to your CI.
  • No changes to the hardware/software of your systems necessary!
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Practical examples: Measuring station expansion

Industrial measuring stations must be able to meet the highest demands. Anyone working in 24/7 continuous operation knows about the demanding tasks that employees face around the clock. Here it is not only important to meet the special safety requirements with an optimally designed measuring station, but to guarantee them 100%. No compromises. We will analyse, plan and implement the appropriate overall concept of reliable solutions down to the smallest detail. This is exactly what our passion is! Take a look at our reference projects to get an idea of what we do for measuring stations across a wide range of industries.

We will be happy to put you in touch with the appropriate contact person.

Expanded measuring station for PCK refinery

PCK Raffinerie GmbH in Schwedt/Oder is one of the top companies in Brandenburg and the most important company in the Uckermark. Around 12 million tonnes of crude oil are processed into petroleum and petrochemical products in Schwedt every year. The main products are diesel, petrol, kerosene, liquefied petroleum gas, heating oils and bitumen. PCK was one of the first refineries in Germany to use biofuels and is itself a major producer of high-quality biofuel components.

JST - PCK Schwedt: Control room project managers are very happy
"Compared to the satellite measuring stations and also to the old central measuring station, we have been able to improve in every aspect, be it acoustics, lighting, air conditioning, ergonomics or user-friendliness".

Eric Sieger, Thomas Taube, Carsten Jungmann (from left to right)

Chief Divisional Engineer for Processing (PCK) / Divisional Engineer for Maintenance Service and Project Coordinator (PCK) / Managing Director (JST)


Chemical control room: highest availability

With 2,200 employees in four business divisions, INEOS in Cologne is one of the largest locations of the INEOS Group. These business units also include INEOS Oxide, Europe’s largest producer of ethylene glycol. The production of this basic chemical as a starting material for various end products – from antifreeze to polyester fibers – is monitored in a modern control room that Jungmann Systemtechnik (JST) designed and installed for the chemical company.

JST INEOS Oxide: modern control station technology and ergonomic furniture inspire project managers
"The colleagues are impressed by the progress we've made here."

Volker Weimer (left) / Stefan Johannsen / Christoph Mock / Waldemar Seibel

Consultant (JST) / Technician PLT (INEOS) / Technician PLT (INEOS) / Production Engineer PLT (INEOS)

JST INEOS Oxide: modern control station technology and ergonomic furniture.
         Large screen in front of the operator workstation

BASF control room paves the way to sustainable value creation

Using renewable energies for production on an industrial scale is one of the declared goals of BASF Schwarzheide GmbH. With a new Jungmann control room for monitoring and controlling the gas and steam turbine power plant at the Schwarzheide site, the necessary preconditions for this have been created. The state-of-the-art control room serves as the basis for a more flexible operating regime and complete monitoring of processes. It was not only the effortless handling and the comprehensive operating options of the MultiConsoling® technology that convinced the project managers. Ergonomics and design also played a decisive role.

JST Referenz BASF Schwarzheide - Vitali Goldnik und Oliver Bender
„High flexibility, reliable performance, no more annoying chair moving - that was already a great experience!“

Vitali Goldnik (left) // Oliver Bender

E&I Engineering BASF SE // Consultant JST

JST BASF Schwarzheide Leitwarte: Umsetzung des Kontrollraum-Projektes mit Akustik-Deckensegel OPAL

JST product overview: Think of everything!

JST-solutions and components. Control-room-drawing

Expand measuring stations with the following components

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Do you consider occupational health components when you start planning the measuring station?

Of course, we pay particular attention to ergonomic guidelines when planning the measuring station in order to ensure that your control room furniture complies with them. Learn more about the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health concerning workstations with visual display units in control rooms here.

Our Stratos X11 Control Room Furniture System is a professional, modular, robust solution for furnishing your measuring station during its expansion. We know: Particularly high demands are placed on the workstations in terms of technical installation, ergonomics, stability and durability. That is why we developed this system. The Stratos X11 system sets new standards that make it the absolute No. 1. Just like our Stratos X11 operator’s console, for example, which meets these DIN requirements:

DIN EN 527-1:2011-08: This standard contains specifications for dimensions of office desks.

DIN EN 527-2:2003-01: This standard contains mechanical safety requirements for office desks in terms of construction and stability.

DIN EN 527-3:2003-06: This standard contains specifications on test conditions, test equipment, test procedures, test reports with regard to the determination of the mechanical strength of the construction of office desks.

DGUV Information 215-410 (then BGI 650): Guideline of the “Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung e.V.” (German Social Accident Insurance) specifies the safety, occupational health, ergonomic and occupational psychological requirements for the design and operation of computer and office workplaces.

What possibilities does the surrounding furniture offer for expanding the measuring station?

The surrounding furniture crowns the whole system. The Stratos X11 Control Room Furniture System is our professional, modular, robust solution for furnishing. The equipment of the measuring station and the conference room can be designed according to your company’s individual CI design. Our storage lockers have lockable drawers which can be placed under the table top of the Stratos CommandDesk. This allows every employee to access their personal belongings securely, quickly and directly at their workplace during the shift. We are happy to equip your premises with further functional furniture according to your requirements. They are covered with sound-absorbing material in order to create a harmonious working atmosphere. A clever idea that provides for a pleasant room acoustics.

We are happy to answer your questions on the expansion of measuring stations

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