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With MultiConsoling® the future starts in the network control center

A lack of ergonomics, a confusing number of workstations, equipped with a confusing number of monitors, plus disappointing room acoustics and air conditioning – the picture presented to visitors to the former control room of ovag Netz GmbH in Bad Nauheim, Hesse, has little in common with its current status. Thanks to the cooperation with the control room experts from JST – Jungmann Systemtechnik®, the network control center was completely “turned upside down”. The result: a 24/7 control center with an adjacent crisis room that is convincing in every respect, both technically and visually.

While the operators in the control center operated by ovag Netz GmbH check in accordance with the latest legal requirements whether water and electricity are reaching their customers – mostly municipal networks – in the desired way, they had to make do with technical conditions that were once part of the status quo some 20 years ago. ” We have already been thinking for years about the need to modernize the control center,” remembers Christian Weber, Head of Network Management and responsible for construction and operation, among other things.

Later users involved from the beginning

A tip from a colleague drew his attention to the control room team of Jungmann Systemtechnik. Initial contacts led to a visit to the JST Control room simulator. Christian Weber: “I wanted to involve the future users in the development process right from the start. That’s why I deliberately brought along particularly critical colleagues to the control room simulator”.

Intuitive operation and functionality convince

After initial tests, the project manager and his staff were convinced: “The MultiConsoling® is a truly brilliant product.” The operator crew was particularly taken with the intuitive controls. ” During my research on the German market, I have not been able to find anything that even comes close to this functionality and ease of use.” reports Christian Weber. With the help of informative 3D visualizations, the ovag management could also be won over to the idea of a cooperation with the JST specialists.

ovag Netz GmbH - Power supply control centre before modernisation ovag Netz GmbH - Power supply control centre after modernisation

ovag Netz GmbH – Network control center before and after modernization

All systems can be operated with only one mouse and keyboard

These days, not only the frequent visitor groups in the network control center can enjoy the image of a highly modern control room, but in particular the employees benefit from the extensive update in their daily work: an event controlled cube large screen wall provides TeamView in the control room and, in combination with the MultiConsoling® control technology, enables a reduction to only three monitors per workstation. Christian Weber: “It’s great that we can activate the systems simply by clicking on the desired monitor. No more switching between places. And all this with just one mouse and one keyboard. The times when you always had the wrong mouse in your hand are definitely a thing of the past”.

Less heat and noise, but maximum safety

In addition, thanks to the MultiConsoling®, two more birds could be killed with one stone: By outsourcing the hardware to an external technical room, noise and temperature loads in the control room were significantly reduced. Since the ovag network control center is also a control room evaluated according to critical infrastructure (CI) standards and ISMS (Information Security Management System) certified, the systems are now securely stored behind closed doors. Only authorized personnel have access here.

Excellent rating for project and implementation

Add to this the advantages offered by the ergonomic control room furniture from the Stratos range and you have a control center that is perfectly equipped to meet the demands of users and the requirements of the future. “Products, project flow and implementation – everything is flawless,” concludes expert Christian Weber. “In terms of a percentage scale, I’d give JST a 99. And the rest we could always work out.”

Equipped for the requirements of the future

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What hurdles are there on the way to the perfect control center? Which requirements must be taken into account? And how can an experienced partner provide support? A visit to the new network control center of ovag Netz GmbH in Bad Nauheim, Hesse, provides answers.

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