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European authority benefits from JST control room solutions

Free movement within Europe, cooperation in European migration policy and, last but not least, the networking of law enforcement agencies for a joint fight against crime – the importance of the European Union Agency for the Operational Management of Large-Scale IT Systems in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice (eu-LISA) becomes clear when looking at its extensive range of tasks. In cooperation with JST’s control room experts, the Agency has prepared its operational center in Strasbourg for the next steps in intra-European data transfer. The control center of the first-level support is now well prepared for this.

How does this work? While on vacation in Finland, a German tourist’s car is stolen. Just a few days later, police officers in Greece discover this very vehicle before it can leave the country for Africa. “The Greek police officer knows directly that a car was stolen in Finland, what actions Finland is expecting and can therefore react accordingly,” says Dominik Schubert, who is part of a large european team working 24/7 in Strasbourg on the technological basis for a secure Europe.

Trouble-free processes important for hundreds of ports

But it is not only law enforcement authorities that benefit from what the first-level support in the control center provides: Among other things, the European visa system is one of the daily cross-border tasks performed under the Schengen Agreement. At hundreds of airports and seaports and countless border crossings along the total of 50,000 kilometers of external borders, those responsible depend on the eu-LISA control center to ensure that there are no disruptions.

Sophisticated concept with innovative products

Dominik Schubert, who implemented the control station project together with the Jungmann Systemtechnik team, explains: “If, for example, the visa system were to fail, all international airports and seaports would have a major issue with all third-country nationals requiring a VISA needing to be verified manually without IT support.” No wonder, then, that maximum availability, proactive processes, an optimal overview of all systems and absolutely secure handling are of elementary importance. With a sophisticated control room concept and innovative products, JST was able to meet these requirements.

JST EU-LISA: control center for security in Europe control station before the conversion JST EU-LISA: control center for security in Europe control station after the conversion

Control center after the conversion and before the conversion.

MultiConsoling® solves several problems at once

Example MultiConsoling®: With the flexible control room command system, several problems of the past were solved at once. Due to the high security level of the critical infrastructures at eu-LISA, the production and pre-production environments, as well as the corporate environment (connected to the Internet, email, telephone, etc.) have to be physically separated from each other to allow for the best possible protection against cybercrime/attacks. The result was a growing number of computers, with associated mouse-keyboard units and monitors, that were difficult to handle.

"Now we can finally have al lean and slim video wall setup with easy monitoring"

„We urgently needed to find a better solution”, recalls Dominik Schubert. “When we got to know MultiConsoling®, we agreed: Wow! Now we can finally have a lean and slim video wall setup with easy monitoring. Just one mouse and keyboard. We can still operate all monitors and work on different levels.”

Red pulsating light makes alarm visible for all

A new DisplayWall also contributes to this improved overview, which is not only suitable for the so-called TeamView, but also offers special added value in combination with the JST alarm software PixelDetection®: PixelDetection® monitors all selected applications in the background. If an incident or potential issue occurs, the control station team is warned by red pulsating light. In addition, several displays on the large screen wall are automatically switched to a BigPicture display, making the event visible to all.

PixelDetection® saves from space problems

With a view to future developments, Dominik Schubert emphasizes the importance of the proactive software: “We are being given new tasks by the European Commission and Parliament to enhance law enforcement cooperation between the Member State competent authorities. This is where PixelDetection® saves us from space problems, which we would have with more and more new surveillance monitors.”

Role model from Lower Saxony has success at EU level

The Strasbourg control center project is an example of how well the authorities within Europe are already networked: It was an employee of the Lower Saxony Police Directorate who presented the project implemented with JST in his home authority to the Strasbourg authorities during a job shadowing at eu-LISA. “My colleagues quickly realized that the JST system would be extremely helpful for us,” reports Dominik Schubert, who has already triggered interest in other EU institutions with the control station solutions from Jungmann.

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