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Process optimisation and maximum reliability with modern control center

Pascal Havy, Managing Director of Mineralölverbundleitung GmbH (MVL) in Schwedt, describes the group’s new state-of-the-art control center as the “figurehead for modernisation” of the entire company. The extensive project was realised with the support of the JST control room specialists. The advantages are obvious: maximum system stability, reduced reaction times and the ideal conditions for lean management to be able to react faster, more flexibly and efficiently to market and customer requirements.

It is responsible for supplying two refineries in Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt. For this MVL Schwedt coordinates transport, transhipment and storage of crude oil via pipelines that reach from Russia via Poland to Schwedt in Brandenburg and from there to the local PCK Raffinerie GmbH and the Leuna Chemical Park. MVL thus secures one quarter of German crude oil imports. Security of supply is at the top of the list of requirements.

20-year-old control center with serious deficits

This is where the control center comes into play. The linchpin when it comes to performance guarantees. “With our 20-year-old center, this could hardly be guaranteed,” says Pascal Havy. The MVL Managing Director names the decisive weaknesses of the old control center: poor positioning, acoustic and climate problems, poor lighting and glare effects, and outdated ergonomic equipment. But also with regard to the demographic development, an increasing lack of skilled workers in the structurally weak region and possible compensation through improved technical facilities, the outdated control center was no longer a solution.

JST MVL Schwedt: Old control centre JST MVL Schwedt: Control centre after modernisation

The control center before and after modernisation

Innovative control center concepts from JST have convinced

At his business partner PCK, who together with Jungmann Systemtechnik implemented the most modern refinery control center in Europe, Pascal Havy was inspired by the possibilities and convincing innovations thanks to a technically and ergonomically innovative control center concept. The JST control center at the “windpunx” branch office in Potsdam also scored points with the MVL managers. “We have sounded out the market thoroughly and are simply convinced that JST is the best partner for us,” says MVL’s Managing Director, “Consulting, technology and quality are just right. At JST you deal with professionals from A to Z”.

Usability as "most important parameter”

But how do you manage to persuade a well-rehearsed control room team to deal with completely new technology ? How can acceptance be created for the idea of reducing the number of workplace monitors from nine or even ten to just three displays per workplace? The solution lies in the word usability. Pascal Havy: “This is the most important parameter for me.” This includes modern software tools that enable intuitive operation. A proactive video wall that displays all important events event-driven. And an ergonomic concept which, thanks to modern furniture with height-adjustable control center desks, puts health aspects into focus.

Operator team now works under optimal conditions

Optimum air conditioning, noise minimisation through outsourced technology and the spatial positioning of the control center are also among the clear plus points of the project. For the MVL Managing Director there is no question: “The operator team is now working under optimal conditions, the colleagues have got used to the new technology step by step. The monitor wall also promotes cooperation; problems can be discussed together”.

"Colleagues are proud of their new control center"

Pascal Havy concludes: “The project was really fun. With the JST products, the appropriate infrastructure is now available for all our tasks – also for a planned optimisation in the shift system. And the colleagues are proud of their new control center – you can see that especially when visitors are visiting”.

Project video - New control center at MVL in Schwedt

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