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Video control center supports police in the fight against crime

“Police catch thugs thanks to video surveillance”, “Cameras against crime”, “Video system convicts robbers”, “More cameras, more arrests” – these and similar headlines have increasingly appeared in the Bremen press in recent months. Background: The police of the Hanseatic City have set up a new video control center, which ideally aims to prevent criminal offences. The authority was supported in this ambitious project by JST control room specialists. And that’s not everything: the senior staff of the Bremen police force also benefits from the experience of the Jungmann experts.

The Weser Stadium in Bremen promises to be a hive of activity once again. Fans of the green and white arrive in noisy groups at the main station – and are accompanied step by step. More than 60 cameras – mainly located in the area of the Bremen main station – keep the operators of the newly created video control center permanently up to date.

The political world wants more video surveillance

Background: “Due to the changed security situation in Bremen, politicians have expressed the wish to expand video surveillance. This was simply no longer possible with our previous possibilities”, says Marco Walker, the responsible police commissioner. The project “Videoleitstelle (video control center)” was born. In the search for a competent partner for this project, the professionals of Jungmann Systemtechnik were convincing.

Station area is one of the focal points

On a new large display wall, the staff recruited as part of the project follow the events at the focal points in the city-state of Bremen. Thanks to the use of JST MultiConsoling®, they are able to flexibly display all relevant images on the video wall or at their workstations as required and, for example, to keep an eye on the football fans mentioned above in the entire station area.

The command staff room also has access to everything

But that is not all that was made possible with the support of control technology. In another project, the Bremen police force has also had its so-called command staff room set up by the Jungmann team. This complex is also linked to the video control center via the MultiConsoling®. If the command of the police leadership comes together here in explosive situations, all desired images as well as an extensive number of other audio and video sources are made available via a control desk specially set up for this purpose.

Hassle-free and intuitive operation

“This is where, for example, force compilations, tables or position diagrams are used,” explains Project Manager Marco Walker. “It was important that the system is intuitive to use. And this is exactly what the myGUI® user interface does without any problems. You really can’t do much wrong with it”. First experiences with the components have already been gathered. Marco Walker: “We have coordinated several missions in the command staff room with JST technology – so far absolutely trouble-free.

Pilot project with PixelDetection software®

The Bremen police also hope to obtain the positive results collected in both the video control center and the crisis room from a pilot project in which another Jungmann product plays a central role: At selected locations, for example at the main railway station, emergency call points are to be set up which women travelling alone, for example, can use if they feel threatened or unwell. As soon as someone presses the button on such a column, an alarm is triggered via the JST monitoring software PixelDetection® in combination with the AlarmLight in the control center.

"Now the police have their eye on me"

“The employee in charge knows immediately: ‘Something is happening’,” explains Marco Walker, “in this situation, we offer, for example, to hold a conversation or to accompany the person with the cameras as they leave the station”. In his experience, the inhibition threshold to choose “110” is often very high when there is a diffuse feeling of threat. Supported by PixelDetection® software, the pilot project is intended to convey more security. “Users know: ‘Now the police are keeping an eye on me,” says Marco Walker. A concept, by the way, which is already successfully practised in London.

Success with CCTV

In the UK, large-scale closed-circuit television – CCTV (video surveillance) has long been common practice – with measurable success. This has not only led to a quantitative reduction in crime such as assault, robbery and vandalism. The subjective feeling of security among citizens has also risen accordingly based on survey results. An optimised prosecution was achieved thanks to the evidence provided by the available recordings. In the English city of Newcastle, research has shown that CCTV has been shown to reduce crime by 50% over a five-year period.

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