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Energy supply: Overall concept for control room of thermal power plant

In times of major change, companies are often confronted with typical reactions such as skepticism, uncertainty or rejection on the part of employees Especially when the workforce is facing a technical transformation. The fact that such progress can also be met with enthusiasm, curiosity and genuine interest has been experienced by the energy supplier SachsenEnergie, which has made “the security of supply of tomorrow” part of its mission in the context of the energy transition. Current project: An innovative control center installation at the site of the Dresden thermal power plant “Nossener Brücke”, which was realized in cooperation with the control room specialists from JST – Jungmann Systemtechnik®.

A control room from the 90s: Brown needle felt flooring, antiquated furniture and aging technology that lacks the flexibility needed today. “We knew we could do better,” says Andreas Rammer, who as project manager was responsible for modernizing the control center in line with workplace guidelines.

Already the second control center implemented with the JST team

In fact, the engineer for power plant technology had a perfect prototype for his plans: a role model in his own company. In cooperation with the Jungmann team, the expert implemented a control center at the thermal power plant site in Dresden-Reick several years ago for DREWAG, now a subsidiary of SachsenEnergie. “So we know the advantages of modern control and video wall technology as well as ergonomic furniture,” says Andreas Rammer, explaining the favorable factors.

No standstill - control station technology keeps on developing

“We were very pleased and inspired by the complete picture in Reick. During an additional visit to JST’s control room simulator, we were then able to see how intuitive the operating concept really is,” also reports Ronny Holland (Process Control Engineering, SachsenEnergie). Together with some control room operators from the shift operation, the responsible persons convinced themselves during an on-site workshop that “there is no standstill at JST. The control station technology keeps on developing.”

"The transition has worked wonderfully"

In addition to two rooms equipped with large-screen systems and a cross-room and at the same time flexible KVM control technology via MultiConsoling®, the new control center in Dresden’s largest thermal power plant has, for example, the JST CommandPad®. The component enables delay-free and clear access to all applications. “We conveniently connect individual sources via drag & drop. This is very easy to use, and our colleagues quickly got to grips with it. The transition has worked wonderfully,” says Ronny Holland and draws a vivid comparison: “Anyone who can operate a current smartphone has no problems with the JST CommandPad® either.”

DREWAG Sachsenenergie - Leitwarte vor dem Umbau DREWAG Sachsenenergie - Leitwarte nach dem Umbau

Control room before and after renovation.

Team benefits from significantly improved process overview

“Real added value” is further seen by the team of the largest communal utility in Eastern Germany in the new large-screen technology: Initially, a video wall with four displays was installed in the so-called engineering room and two additional screens in the main control room. The decision to upgrade, however, was made quickly. “Our team soon recognized the benefits of the improved process overview provided by the large displays and expressed the desire to increase the original two large-screen monitors to four,” recalls process control engineer Ronny Holland.

GrabberIP is the basis for strategic considerations

After the modernization, all the course has been set to further optimize the working situation for employees in the future. Project manager Andreas Rammer ventures an outlook: “Our strategic consideration of linking the two control rooms of the power plants played a role in the decision. This way, the other location would be available as a backup to access the systems.” This is made possible by the GrabberIP component, which was used by JST with this in mind.

"A total work of art in which everything fits together"

It is precisely these options that, in the eyes of those responsible for the project, make the work that Jungmann Systemtechnik does so convincing. Ronny Holland sums it up: “Personally, I like the fact that JST delivers a total construct – not just tables or computers or control engineering. It is coherent and builds on each other – a total work of art where everything fits together.”

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