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Focus in MSC: Cybersecurity as a managed service

Cyber attacks are gaining in complexity and sophistication. An intensified threat situation requires more and more companies to permanently check their operating structures for security gaps and to adapt them. However, internal resources are often lacking. The solution: security experts who take on these tasks as part of managed services. Axians IT Security GmbH is one of the international specialists in this field. In cooperation with the JST – Jungmann Systemtechnik® team, they have now put an MSC (Managed Service Center) into operation in Hamburg.

12,500 employees in 27 countries, ICT (Information and Communication Technology) solutions ranging from telecommunications to cybersecurity – the global Axians network presents itself as a “pioneer in digitalization” that supports its customers in their digital transformation. So it’s no wonder that the security specialists sought out a partner for their MSC in Hamburg who shares this mindset: the control room professionals from JST.

Security experts find the right partner

“We had been toying with the idea of implementing an MSC for our customer systems for some time,” reports Ben Kröger, who is responsible for technical management at Axians in Hamburg. Initial contacts and a visit to JST’s control room simulator quickly made it clear: It’s not just the product that’s convincing here, the chemistry is also right.

Bundle knowledge and develop synergies

One of the most important goals was to bring the departments, which are responsible for a wide range of security topics, closer together, pool knowledge and thus develop synergies. Whereas in the past, work methods and structures were characterized by spatial separation, today the tasks from “Level 1 to Level 2 support move smoothly from one level to the other,” says the project manager. He points to the use of the new display wall in the control room as a key factor in this.

Interactive 360° panoramic tour through the Managed Service Center

Experience an interactive panoramic tour through the Managed Service Center of Axians IT Security GmbH in Hamburg.
Copyright: Axians IT Security GmbH

Video wall supports Team collaboration

Ben Kröger: “Sharing on the video wall supports team collaboration. We share content with each other or use the option to display overviews across multiple screens. This proves to be a great advantage.” In a WebGUI, customer applications that are monitored as part of managed services are in clear view for all to see in an easy-to-view visualization. “We immediately recognize if there are any new vulnerabilities or critical changes,” says Kröger. “This also applies to the ticket system. Everyone can see: How many tickets do we have? What are the new tickets that have come in? Are there escalations?”

Delay-free change to the virtual level

This team concept is further supported by the benefits provided by control room operation via JST MultiConsoling® technology. The ability to share screen content at the touch of a button or to make sources visible to all “offers us maximum flexibility,” says the project manager, “even the virtual machines can be switched to the screens of the video wall in this way and operated without delay.” The JST GrabberVM® which are used for this purpose allow the operator to switch between the individual applications without any noticeable differences.

Convenient authorization with the JST myLogin®

Positive feedback has also been received on the options offered by the JST myLogin® for users in the new MSC: Each Axians employee has his or her own access card to the building, which also contains the authorization for the control center system. In this way, security aspects can be easily implemented while taking strategic rights and role management into account.

After just a few months in the new Managed Service Center, security expert Ben Kröger takes stock: “We have now really arrived here. And now we are concentrating on further developing our technical options.

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