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Dream Team:
Large format displays & MultiConsoling® technology

“Into the future at the speed of light” – since the turn of the millennium, telecommunications service provider envia TEL has been supporting the Central German region on its path toward a digital future. A high-speed fiber-optic network and geo-redundant data centers are the foundation of digital service solutions for business, industry and private households. In order to meet the high quality requirements, detailed monitoring is one of the most important prerequisites. The perfect task for the control room specialists at JST – Jungmann Systemtechnik® – with the installation of a state-of-the-art Network Operation Center (NOC).

Availability, stability and security – three requirements that are not only the focus of envia TEL’s new NOC, but were also decisive premises for the implementation of new technology. During the market analysis, “JST’s basic concept impressed us right from the start,” recalls project manager Uwe Prösdorf about the search for a partner to supply the NOC with equipment. “We already liked the online presence on the Jungmann homepage very much. This positive verdict then continued when it came to content details.”

Important: "Communication at eye level"

The Jungmann professionals were not only able to convince with their hardware and software solutions. For Uwe Prösdorf, on the evaluation scale is also the cooperation of great relevance: “We planned and developed the NOC step by step together with the JST experts. We received recommendations on how to make the best use of the space, right up to the desired end result.” In the opinion of the project manager, the collaboration is characterized in particular by “communication at eye level”.

Secure and highly available: Space for 60,000 servers

Two operator workgroups – divided into the divisions “Services” and “Networks” – now use JST’s innovative control room solutions in Taucha, near Leipzig, to ensure secure operation of the entire envia TEL telecommunications network. Their tasks include monitoring and surveillance of the neighboring Datacenter Campus Leipzig. The 3,000-square-meter facility has space around 60,000 servers in a highly available and secure environment. Since October 2022, it has also been home to DE-CIX Leipzig, the first Internet node for the German states of Brandenburg, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia, which ensures even faster connections to global data networks.

DisplayWalls are the key actors in the NOC

The linchpin of the installation are the two proactive DisplayWalls. Says Uwe Prösdorf: “With the new large screen technology, we have the advantage of being able to operate in a group of colleagues as well.” And his workmate Edwin-Alfred Schiewe, responsible for Data Technology, Services Group, adds: “The MultiConsoling® technology makes it possible to visualize all the desired applications directly there. So you have the most important data immediately in view.”

"This flexibility is well received by everyone"

Thanks to the control room management via MultiConsoling®, it was also possible to set up ergonomic and at the same time flexible workstations. This enables every operator in the NOC to switch on “his” systems at any desired location. “This was very important to us. And this flexibility is well received by everyone,” reports Edwin-Alfred Schiewe.

Network-Operation-Center vor dem Umbau Network-Operation-Center nach dem Umbau

Network Operation Center before and after the reconstruction.

With PixelDetection® no malfunction goes unnoticed

With the new NOC, monitoring at envia TEL has also reached a new level. Potential malfunctions are detected reliably, precisely and at lightning speed by the PixelDetection® surveillance software. The system indicates incoming faults in an unmistakable way via color changes through the installed AlarmLight technology. “No change goes unnoticed there,” explains Edwin-Alfred Schiewe, “it really works very well.” From the feedback of the employees, he knows: “The colleagues here no longer want to do without the JST technology.”

Conclusion of the project manager: "It all went very smoothly"

Whether it’s regular exchanges, on-site support or assistance with questions – project manager Uwe Prösdorf is fully satisfied with the cooperation between JST and envia TEL: “I can only say that it was a very pleasant, uncomplicated collaboration. Everything went very smoothly. From the initial ideas to the service level agreement, it was all adapted exactly to our requirements.”

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