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New control center for more safety in operating processes

Whether simulated extreme conditions or realistic prerequisites – hardware and software of railway systems from Siemens are thoroughly inspected in the Wegberg-Wildenrath Test and Validation Center. A track system over 30 kilometres long is available there. Static and dynamic tests are performed on vehicles and systems 365 days a year. A task that requires a perfectly equipped control center for monitoring. With the support of the experts of JST – Jungmann Systemtechnik® a control room could be realised, which meets all requirements.

Particularly in view of the increasing utilisation of public tracks, the Wegberg-Wildenrath Test and Validation Center sees itself as the “ideal partner for testing, validation and approval” of railway systems. Whether driving on curves or gradients, braking distance measurements or acoustic tests – a wide range of testing options are available on the local track system. And the technical facilities on the site are constantly being expanded.

Desire: functional and innovative technology

So it is not surprising that the work in the control center is also growing continuously. “The old control center no longer met our requirements for a long time, so we decided to build a new one,” reports Project Manager Dirk Wienforth, who supervises all infrastructure projects within the plant. The highest premise for the new building: “We wanted a functional and innovative technology here.“

JST-Siemens Wegberg: User interface for MultiConsoling

JST MultiConsoling®: With the myGUI user interface the large display wall starts at the workstation . MultiConsoling® is not only used to control large display walls, but also to switch all signals (keyboard/mouse/monitor/audio) to the monitors at the workplace in real time.

MultiConsoling® is exactly what we were looking for“

The Siemens IT experts found the right partner to implement this idea during extensive research. Dirk Wienforth: “The solutions of other suppliers were too complicated and costly. MultiConsoling® Technology from JST sums it up.” The Siemens specialists were able to see this for themselves at an early stage of the project during a visit to the control room simulator, JST’s own control room simulator. ” We were able to try out everything there. The colleagues were delighted”, remembers Multi-Project Controller Wienforth.

JST-Siemens Wegberg: Worktables with stand-up height adjustment

JST Operator Desk: The special Stratos X11® CommandDesks can be adjusted to the operator’s needs by means of infinitely variable electromotive height adjustment; for example, switching between sitting and standing to relieve the back.

Ergonomically and technically equipped for the future.

Today, events on the extensive test site are monitored from a modern control center, which is not only technically equipped for future requirements, but also meets all visual and ergonomic demands. Both the shunting controller, which monitors camera functions and the various track diagram displays, and the switching controller, which is responsible for the voltages of the overhead lines, are equipped with the modern Stratos operator consoles, which are distinguished by numerous ergonomic advantages such as electromotive height adjustment and “foot garage”. The robust and multi-adjustable Recaro Operator Chair ensures perfect seating comfort.

JST-Siemens Wegberg: practical registration process with the myTrace Card-Reader

JST technology: The myLogin® Card Reader enables a practical and uncomplicated registration process via chip card directly at the workplace.

"Enormous relief for the colleagues"

But in Dirk Wienforth’s eyes, the main argument for the new control center is the added clarity. “With MultiConsoling® we can now switch all applications back and forth as required. The number of monitors has been drastically reduced. This is an enormous relief for the colleagues and makes work much more comfortable”.

More comfort and safety with myLogin®

Convenience on the one hand and security on the other hand are also the focus of a special JST product that is used in the Siemens control center: the security concept myLogin®, which, in conjunction with MultiConsoling®, allows an automated login and logout process using a chip card – without passwords. In plain language this means: each employee has their own card, on which the individual authorisations are stored.

Without authentication of the workstation the image of the computers is visible, but cannot be operated via keyboard and mouse. If the operator leaves his workplace, his team colleagues can only unlock the keyboard and mouse of these computers by logging in themselves. Every login and logout process can be tracked in a reporting system. WithmyLogin®the new Siemens control center guarantees maximum security with more flexibility, accelerated processes and the best traceability.

"JST products meet our exact specifications"

The probably most conspicuous installations in the control center also provide a plus in security: the two new large display walls, which have a total of twelve 46-inch displays with ultra-slim frames. The probably most conspicuous installations in the control center also provide a plus in security: the two new large display walls, which have a total of twelve 46-inch displays with ultra-slim frames. “Thanks to these improved displays and the greater clarity, we have been able to significantly improve safety in operational processes,” says Dirk Wienforth, who sums up the new installation with the words “the JST products meet our expectations exactly”.

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