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Ideal basis for monitoring created

The wind farms Meerwind Süd and Meerwind Ost produce energy for around 350,000 households. For this purpose, a total of 80 wind turbines were erected 23 kilometres north of the island of Helgoland, ready for connection in 2014. Responsible for the planning, construction and operation of this offshore project is the Bremerhaven-based company WindMW GmbH, which has sought support from JST’s control room professionals for the technical supervision of the turbines.

The incoming data of the wind turbines from the North Sea must be monitored and evaluated around the clock in the control center of WindMW GmbH. The operators in Bremerhaven have the entire energy production and plant control in view. Especially important: the differentiated analysis to correct errors. This is because fault clearance operations in the North Sea are costly. It is therefore absolutely essential that the service teams, whose base is on Helgoland, are perfectly instructed by the control center staff and ideally have all necessary spare parts “at hand” at the first attempt.

Joint determination of the exact requirements

“What is the ideal technology for such a control center?” – “Which Institutioncreates optimal conditions to cope with the tasks at hand?” – with these and further questions the responsible persons of WindMW have turned to Jungmann Systemtechnik. “Together we developed the planning fundamentals and determined the exact requirements”, Mathias Mülling, SCADA and communications engineer, remembers the first discussions in the control room simulator, the control room simulator from JST which is unique in Europe.

JST - WindMW Bremerhaven: control centre. Stratos Operator Desks

JST control center desk: Ensure a perfectly tidy appearance thanks to “invisible” supply rooms – the OperatorDesks of the Stratos series.

"This fast team impressed us"

“It was not only the many references from Jungmann Systemtechnik that impressed us”, says Mathias Mülling, “we simply felt in good hands with this fast team”. This good feeling accompanied the entire project and in retrospect paid off for the wind experts.

JST - WindMW Bremerhaven: control centre. Large display wall

JST large display wall: The JST-DisplayWall with 8 46″ displays keeps the entire control center team informed about the most important events in real time. This is ensured by an automatic source activation, the PixelDetection® software from JST.

Optics, ergonomics and functionality combined

The new Bremerhaven control center convinces at first sight with its visual appearance. “We wanted furniture that combines functional and ergonomic aspects and looks good at the same time,” says Mülling. With the special operator consoles of the Stratos series, these wishes could be realised without any problems: Lots of space for the users, electromotive height adjustment and large storage spaces that make cables “invisible” are just some of the features.

JST - WindMW Bremerhaven: control centre. Operator displays and large display wall

JST MultiConsoling®: With the myGUI user interface (bottom screen, central) the large display wall starts at the workstation. With MultiConsoling® not only are large display walls controlled, the monitors at the workplace are also switched with all signals (keyboard/mouse/monitor/audio) in real time.

Large display wall most important instrument in the control center

A proactive large display wall offers further advantages in monitoring. Mathias Mülling: “Large screen technology is one of the most important instruments in the control center. It is used intensively by our employees on a permanent basis”. Especially in combination with the proven JST MultiConsoling® the large-screen displays®, which have been optimised for 24/7 use, are indispensable in the control room.

JST technology guarantees ideal working conditions

MultiConsoling® is absolutely perfect. We move all applications and images very easily and as required in order to make decisions in the team,” explains the responsible project manager, who has also had the opportunity to take a look at differently equipped control centers during his career and comes to the conclusion: “What we have here guarantees ideal conditions for our work. For the wind expert it is already clear today: “If further wind farm projects are realised in the future, JST will certainly be one of our partners”.

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