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New monitoring quality in the IT control center for Deutsche Rentenversicherungen

Through their work, they lay the foundation for providing competent support to around 20 million people in Germany: the employees of the full-service provider Deutsche Rentenversicherung Nord Ost West Informationstechnik GmbH, or NOW IT for short. The company offers tailor-made IT solutions for the five Deutsche Rentenversicherungen institutions in the northern, western and eastern parts of Germany. Thanks to the technical innovations of Jungmann Systemtechnik GmbH, the employees in the Hamburg NOW IT control center are able to face the growing demands of the future with confidence.

Power fluctuations in North Frisia. Internet failure in Hannover. And in Erfurt the telephone system is not working. Typical requirements for the employees of NOW IT. Things get more dicey when there are problems with the core application “rvSystem”. In the event of a failure, several thousand German citizens would have to wait for their applications for Deutsche Rentenversicherungen or rehabilitation measures to be processed. To prevent this scenario from occurring, the team at the IT control center in Hamburg relies onJST technology.

CRITIS classification requires optimized monitoring

It is not without reason that the company belongs to the so-called critical infrastructures (CI). These include organizations and institutions with important significance for the state community. “During the critical infrastructures tests, it once again became clear how important consistent monitoring is,” explains Stefan Lühmann, Head of the Competence Center Control Data Center at NOW IT. The IT specialist and his colleagues rely on hardware and software from Jungmann Systemtechnik for this task.

Objective: Improve clarity

“We intend to create better technical possibilities to bring together the various monitoring tasks and at the same time improve clarity,” says Stefan Lühmann. A new large screen wall with four 24/7 displays, which are characterized by ultra-narrow frames, provides the basis for this.
The monitor wall is controlled by the JST MultiConsoling®, a technology that allows any applications to be variably connected to any connected workstation at lightning speed.

Convenient: Access directly from the workplace

The greatest benefit in the eyes of the project manager: Not only the employees in the IT control center can open the desired tools with a key combination, but also the colleagues in the neighboring offices have direct access to all applications from their workstations. Stefan Lühmann: “We have thus not only achieved maximum flexibility with maximum comfort for our colleagues, we are also faster in operation and can perform our monitoring tasks even better”.

"Intervene before anything happens"

The team is supported by the JST monitoring software PixelDetetction® that controls all applications in the background based on individually defined reference values and proactively notifies the employees of Deutsche Rentenversicherung Nord Ost West Informationstechnik GmbH of any deviations. “If, for example, the power supply is fluctuating somewhere, a message is automatically displayed in yellow or red color to indicate the event. We can react and intervene immediately and before anything really happens,” explains Stefan Lühmann.

New technology interesting for young IT professionals

The Hamburg-based Manager of the Competence Center Control Data Center states yet another advantage that was obtained by the step to the new technical level in the IT control center: “The attractiveness of the workplace has increased considerably and is a qualitative gain”.
The new modern working world and the use of the innovative JST technology is a critical factor for younger IT specialists in particular when deciding on a job.

Initial experiences give cause for a positive balance

Stefan Lühmann comes to the following conclusion after the upgrade of the IT control center in the Hanseatic city: “We are faster to operate, better to monitor, and it is easier for individual employees to deal with possible problem situations”. His conclusion regarding the Service Level Agreements reached with the Jungmann specialists on reaction and recovery times is also positive: “The system has now been in operation for a year, and it all runs smoothly, no complications.”

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