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Control center optimises the network technology

It was the legendary Volkswagen Beetle that rolled off the production line at the Emden plant from the mid-1960s onwards. After the last Beetle left the assembly line in January ’78, the Emden plant is currently specialising in the production of the Passat, Passat Variant and Volkswagen CC models. But not only the vehicles have become more modern. The entire plant has developed steadily. Technical progress in particular has made real quantum leaps in recent decades. One example is the “network technology” area, for which JST – Jungmann Systemtechnik® has set up a modern monitoring control center together with Volkswagen experts.

More than 11 million vehicles were produced in Emden by 2015. As the largest industrial employer west of Bremen and north of the Ruhr area, the Volkswagen plant in Emden has a total area of around 4.3 million square metres. Up to 1,250 vehicles are produced here daily. The entire network required for this purpose is monitored by the “network technology” control center.

Request: Large display wall with many possibilities

But controlling the wide variety of systems became increasingly difficult on small 19- or 24-inch monitors. Desire of the persons in charge: a large display wall, which clearly shows all components, thus making teamwork possible and ideally also visualises automated alarm activation.

JST - Volkswagen Emden: entrance to the plant in Emden

Entry area to the Volkswagen plant in Emden – up to 1,250 vehicles are produced here daily.

JST delivers the perfect solution

Just the right requirement for JST’s control room professionals. Volkswagen project manager Andreas Stange also quickly realised this. After an internet research and corresponding references within the Volkswagen Group, he and colleagues visited the control room simulator, the control room simulator from JST. “Our questions were answered in detail in the control room simulator,” says the systems analyst. There the decision “This is the right thing for us” was made.

DisplayWall convinces Volkswagen Team

JST was able to convince the Volkswagen delegation with a DisplayWall consisting of eight 55 inch business displays of the SlimLine series. Andreas Stange: “Today we work directly from our workstations with the presentations on the large display wall, we can also see the details well and develop solutions in a team”.

MultiConsoling® makes space changes redundant

Two other aspects of the JST installation in Emden also received positive feedback: Thanks to the MultiConsoling®technology, various applications can be connected not only to the large display wall but also directly to the desired workstations. This eliminates the need for a costly change of location for employees.

JST - Volkswagen Emden: myGUI user interface for MultiConsoling

JST MultiConsoling®: With the myGUI user interface f the large display wall starts at the workstation. With MultiConsoling®, not only are large display walls controlled, the monitors at the workplace are also switched with all signals (keyboard/mouse/monitor/audio) in real time.

Event-driven alarm activation

The AmbientLight illumination of the large display wall also enables event-controlled alarm activation. In the event of malfunctions, the control center team is immediately alerted via the previously defined signal colours. “This enables us to detect errors without staring at a particular screen,” says Andreas Stange. Conclusion of the project manager: “We are all very satisfied with the new control center, and there is also great interest in the installation from other Volkswagen plants.

JST - Volkswagen Emden: Large screen with AmbientLight lighting in blue

JST control center: The AmbientLight changes colour on certain alarms.

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