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Benefit through large screen in the new control center

A concept perfect in every detail, with the highest demands on technology and ergonomics – under these premises a new IT control center was created at the Wiesbaden location of R+V Versicherung. A proactive large display wall, modern workstations for operating and job control, and computers outsourced with MultiConsoling® create a control center that meets the requirements of the present and the future.

From a control room with 26 screens to a complete redesign of the IT control center – that was the challenge for the professionals from Jungmann Systemtechnik – JST. During a visit to the company’s own control room simulator from JST, it quickly became clear: JST can deliver the right overall concept for the insurance IT service provider. Extensive 3-D planning enabled a virtual tour of the new control center right from the start of planning.

As part of a complete redesign of the IT control center, operations responsible for all IT systems and services of R+V Versicherung were outsourced for just under two months. The JST experts used this time to meet all the requirements of the project group and the operation team of R + V Versicherung within the framework of an essential refurbishment. “It was a long way to go until then, but the results are impressive,” sums up Carsten Dengler, Head of Group Operations.

Carsten Dengler considers the “greatest benefit” to be the new, proactive large display wall, which was installed with an acoustic screen cladding to improve the room sound situation. The JST Software Solutions myGUI® and PixelDetection® not only enable intuitive handling and reduce the number of workstation computers to a minimum, they also enable the operator team to keep a constant eye on all important processes through event-controlled visualisation of the alarms on the large display wall – the Videowall also used as “Single Point of Control”.

In addition to the technical aspects, ergonomic aspects also played a particularly important role in the redesign of the IT control center of R+V Versicherung: With the computer relocation, both room climate and background noise could be optimised. The JST Stratos X11® series of infinitely height-adjustable control center desks with electric motors also create working conditions that comply with the current EU directives for computer workstations. “Our employees are very satisfied with the result”, emphasises IT expert Carsten Dengler, who once again emphasises: “All requirements were perfectly implemented”.

About R+V Versicherung

R+V Versicherung is one of the leading German insurers with over 14,000 employees and premium income of around 12 billion euros. Around 8 million customers in Germany with around 22 million insurance policies trust the services of Wiesbadener Versicherung, which belongs to the Cooperative Financial Group of Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken. As a universal insurer, R+V Versicherung offers both private customers and companies from industry, trade, commerce and agriculture special solutions.

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