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Highly available service centers at DB

IT monitoring at Deutsche Bahn operates according to the two-location principle. From cockpit control stations in Berlin and Frankfurt am Main, two 24/7 teams monitor the work of the mainframe systems, the digital business processes and the functions of the client-server systems. In the event of a failure, DB Systel must maintain extremely short response times for restoring the affected systems.

Jungmann Systemtechnik supports DB Systel in maintaining short response times in the SLA/OLA area. JST created the basis for this already during the planning of the infrastructure: Faulty systems can be administered independently of the IP network. To prevent failures, critical status messages are already proactively displayed on the large display walls for the teams. To keep the overview, only the really important events are displayed for the employees. The large number of event monitors has been consolidated on a hardware basis and many monitors now report independently in the event of alarms and no longer need to be constantly monitored.

Both cockpits are redundant and designed for high availability. Should a cockpit fail, all work can be continued from the still available cockpit.

JST DB Systel large display walls
JST DB Systel large display wall

JST large display walls: A total of 16 high-end displays for 24/7 continuous operation, distributed over two units, were installed in the Frankfurt control center. Business displays integrated in the JST display rack with media boards – the racks are equipped with roller runners for the case of revision.

JST DB Systel control station
JST DB Systel control centre

JST control station: From each workstation, the operator team has an optimal view of the large display walls.
JST Design: A perfect coordination of technology and design – also in terms of colour – creates ideal conditions for a pleasant working atmosphere.

JST DB Systel control centre desk Detail

JST control center desk: Meets the highest ergonomic and visual demands – the STRATOS CommandDesk. At the bottom right of the picture is the cover for the active ventilation, by means of which sufficient air circulation can be ensured in the supply rooms of the worktables.

JST DB Systel control centre desk detail switching unit
JST DB Systel large display technology

A switching unit makes it possible to regulate the ventilation individually via thermostat.
JST large display technology: Rear view of a JST display rack – all displays can be continuously adjusted vertically and horizontally with millimetre precision; cables are neatly routed in special cable ducts.

Planning control room with proactive monitoring for DB networks

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