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Wishes "perfectly implemented"

“The simpler the operation, the better” – this is the unanimous wish of the employees at the security headquarters of Evonik Industries AG, based in Essen. “And that’s exactly what Jungmann did perfectly,” says Hans-Joachim Jochlik, the project manager for the high-tech conversion there in summer 2011.

Evonik, the creative industrial group from Germany, is one of the world’s leading specialty chemicals companies. The company is active in more than 100 countries around the world. More than 33,000 employees generated revenues of around EUR 14.5 billion and an operating result (EBITDA) of around EUR 2.8 billion in fiscal 2011.

The campus of the Essen headquarters has an area of around 93,000 square metres, 52,000 square metres of which are pure office space. To monitor this huge area, a total of 164 cameras are installed, whose images are received in the security center of the administration building. In 2011, the entire technology was brought up to the latest standards. The responsible Project Manager at Evonik, Hans-Joachim Jochlik, describes the most important prerequisite: “The operating process should not be disrupted under any circumstances. For this reason, the entire safety control center was completely rebuilt parallel to the existing control center. The actual move to the new premises then only took one and a half days, he recalls, and is not sparing with praise: “The whole thing was perfectly prepared by the Jungmann technicians. There was no way to stumble.”

In the security control center, which is manned around the clock, the employees have a selection of images from the 164 surveillance cameras available on the newly installed video wall to meet every need. They also have an overview of the entire building management system at the touch of a button. For the project manager and his team, it is not only the user-friendliness of the new technology that is at the top of the list of additional improvements. The individually adjustable CommandDesks and the pleasant room climate (achieved, among other things, by computer relocation) now also make daily work noticeably easier for everyone.

In addition to the security center, the Evonik administration in Essen also has a site location center that is directly connected to the headquarters. In the event of a major event, all images and graphics from the security center are displayed on the installed monitors.

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