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Process control center controls sludge separation

Several hundred thousand cubic metres of sand and silt are dredged in the port of Hamburg every year and brought ashore due to increased loads. In order to break down these huge quantities of dredge spoil into their various components, they have to be separated from each other according to grain size in an appropriate processing plant. This is exactly where the Metha control center of the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA, responsible for the entire port management) comes into play. With products of JST – Jungmann Systemtechnik® this complex separation process can be safely controlled from the newly installed process control center.

The switch to JST was obvious for process engineer Ulrich Döring: “Several years ago, the Jungmann team already equipped HPA’s Port Road Management Center with state-of-the-art technology. So the recommendation came directly from other operators who had put various Jungmann products through their paces in their daily business. “Everything ran smoothly there, the colleagues were delighted with the good support provided by JST,” reports Project Manager Ulrich Döring.

Integration of MultiConsoling® into existing technology

A visit by the operators and engineers in charge at the control room simulator of JST completed the decision. “On site we were able to see for ourselves that it is possible to integrate the new MultiConsoling® technology into our existing plant step by step”, says Ulrich Döring, who also sees it as positive that the JST technology does not necessarily affect the existing control system.

JST - Hamburg Port Authority: Large display wall with ambient light

JST Large display wall: The design strips with high-quality aluminium brushed surface and the AmbientLight give the large display wall the distinctive JST look.

Better overview and high operating comfort

However, the project manager knows of other advantages that went hand in hand with the modernisation of the process control center: “Thanks to the new large display wall, our employees now have a much better overview and a high degree of operating convenience”. The process flow diagrams show pumps, pipelines, dewatering machines and separation equipment in an optimal overview. “Problems are immediately recognised and solutions can be sought together”, says Döring.

Operator desks produce real profit“

The special JST control room furniture that Jungmann installed in the Hamburg process control room was particularly well received by the HPA staff. Ulrich Döring: “Some of our colleagues have back problems; that’s where the height-adjustable operator desks really come in handy. Conclusion of the project manager: “I would recommend Jungmann without reservation – a perfect service was provided also from a commercial point of view with adherence to the budget”.

JST - Hamburg Port Authority: height-adjustable control desk

JST Operator Desk: By means of infinitely variable electromotive height adjustment, the Stratos X11® OperatorDesks can be adapted to the respective needs of the operator; for example, alternating between sitting and standing to relieve back strain.

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